Top 10 Anime Endings You’ve Probably Never Seen

If you had a normal childhood and you didn’t grow up in a closet under the stairs like that big Harry Potter loser, you must have spent whole days watching TV. Well yes, even the very good parents have one day or another given in and let their offspring watch SpongeBob the cartoon which makes no sense. Even if you know the cartoon credits by heart, you haven’t necessarily seen the end of all these thrilling adventures and it’s today that you’re going to have the end of the story.

1. Totally Spies!

The latest episode of Totally Spies is a two-part episode: Totally Versailles. The Spies are on a school trip with their class to Versailles and must battle statues that have come alive to protect the castle and the other students in their class. At the end of the episode, Jerry assures the three spies that their high school classmates won’t remember any of these traumatic events, they will also forget their secret identities. The girls then ask Jerry if they can finally enjoy their well-deserved rest after all these missions and the latter replies that he has one last mission for them: to attend a Parisian fashion show in the front row.

2. Code Lyoko

At the end of Code Lyoko, we witness the final battle between the heroes and Xana in her ultimate form with the energy of all the virtual universes. To save everyone, Alelita’s father (thus the creator of the virus) sacrifices himself to destroy XANA. In the final episode, the teenage heroes come together one last time to shut down the Supercomputer and end their double lives. Finally a series that ends properly.

3. Space goblins

The last episode of the Goofs of space condemns the Goofs to remain forever on Earth. Etno sees an Alien childhood friend on Earth TV and decides to contact him again. The latter agrees to lend them his rocket to return to their planet but unfortunately it does not work. Eventually, extra-terrestrial officials come to rescue Etno’s childhood friend who has spent 20 years on earth but refuses to let the goblins ride with them. At the end of the episode, Gorgious in turn sees a childhood friend, Jojo, go on TV: it’s Olivier Jean-Marie, the director of the series. The fourth wall collapses completely.

4.Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is one of the most famous animated series in the world. The first episode was broadcast in 1940, when the series was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (the credits with the lion howling there, you see). Officially, the series ends in 1958 with the closure of MGM studios, the last episode is therefore the 114th: Baby on the loose. In the episode, the hostess leaves her baby to a babysitter who spends the afternoon phoning her friends. Tom and Jerry argue while trying to protect the baby getting out of her stroller but the babysitter thinks the animals want to kidnap the baby and the two friends end up in the car pound. Subsequently, the Tom and Jerry license will continue with other directors and many spin-off series will see the light of day. In another somewhat controversial episode, the 103rd, Tom and Jerry are depressed due to heartbreak, commit suicide by sitting on rails, and are run over by a train. Huge atmosphere.

5. Batman

The Batman animated series is a treasure from the 90s, the blessed era of childhood and innocence. There are 85 episodes in all and in the last one, Batgirl Returns, Batman doesn’t even appear because he’s on a trip to Paris, kiddo. It’s Batgirl, Catwoman, and Robin who deal with the bad guys in a very badass way and that’s how The Adventures of Batman ends. Well not really, since there was obviously a new series two years later: The New Batman Adventures.

6. Remi without family

Do you know how the story of Rémi without a family ends? Pretty good despite what you might think. Rémi finally finds his biological mother who is in fact Mrs. Milligan, a lady from a super rich family. He also finds his adoptive mother from the beginning of the series and even his friend Mattia who goes to live with him. All’s well That ends well ! Well no, Rémi decides to drop this new family to return to the acrobat on the roads, what an ungrateful kid. 10 years later, we discover that Rémi is a lawyer and married Lise, the mute kid. Why not after all.

7. Beep Beep and Coyote

Although this series rocked the childhood of several generations, there are only 49 episodes of Bip Bip and Coyote. The last of the last came out in 2014 and it’s a bit gross in 3D animation so we won’t talk about it, thank god. The original series ends in 1980 with the episode Soup or Sonic. At the end of the episode, Coyote finally manages to capture Bip Bip but unfortunately cannot devour him because Coyote has become tiny. So he looks at the viewers and shows signs that say, “Okay guys, you always wanted me to catch it. What do I do now ? “.

8. Marcelino

Every top has its exception and you probably know the end of the adventures of Marcelino aka the most traumatic cartoon since it’s one of the biggest complaints of the 21st century. The last episode of the series takes place on Marcelino’s sixth birthday. The kid looks a little depressed, so he goes to see the statue of Christ which is placed in the attic of the monastery. Christ begins to speak (normal) and offers Marcelino to grant one of his wishes and the child asks to find his mother. Christ accepts without specifying that he will join his mother in Paradise, thus causing the death of the child.

9. Phineas and Ferb

One of the last episodes of Phineas and Ferb is called “Summer’s End” and it is the last adventure of the two children and their friends. But the very last episode is called “10 years later”. Phineas and Ferbe are off to college soon and Phineas still has to decide which college he wants to go to. We learn what happened to all their friends, even Candice who is in law school. I’ll let you watch the episode (cut into 10 parts on YouTube to make it really boring) because it’s really worth it.

10. Football 2 street

Foot 2 rue is a treasure among French animation series and I obviously know the credits of this cartoon by heart. In the very last episode, Tag has to leave to join his father in Argentina and we cry like never before when he has to leave Eloïse. It’s the end of the tournament, the final is played against the Soweto Panthers but Gabriel is injured and Tek is gone. The blues must find replacements keeping in mind that in September, it will be the end of the team since all the characters go to high school in different cities.

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