Top 10 Anime Characters Who Have Truly Rotten Lives

When you watch a cartoon, you expect to have a good time following the adventures of a very likeable character to whom positive things happen. But some characters have really, like really, shitty lives, like the following examples.

1. Rémi in Rémi without family

Already he does not know his father, nor his mother for that matter. But in addition, his daron sold him for 40 francs. It is bought by a man, Vitalis. Then shit happens to him. He worked when he was 8 years old. His dog gets eaten by wolves. His monkey friend dies of exhaustion doing his show. And Vitalis, the man who raised and loved him, dies of cold. Good luck Remi.

2. Guts in Berserk

“Listen Guts, you are going to be born from a dead woman, then taken in by a woman who will die of the plague at the age of 3. Your adoptive father will mistreat you. You will be sold to a man who will rape you. You will kill this man. Your adoptive father will try to kill you. And later, you will be recruited into a troupe and you will have real friends. But they will all die, and the woman you love will be raped by your best friend who will become master of the world. So, ready to be happy? »

– Bah n…

– Too late, it’s signed, let’s go.

3. Seita in Tomb of the Fireflies

In 1945, Seita is a teenager. His father is a soldier, so I might as well tell you that he will never see him again. His mother dies because of an incendiary bomb (the Americans bomb Japan). He then takes care of his 4-year-old sister. They try to live with an aunt but are mistreated. They hide in a shelter, the little sister falls ill and dies. Seito is therefore not fishing, and also lets himself die in a train station. Ah well it’s Seito, great for morale! Awesome ! I thank you. He’s screwed, it doesn’t matter huh! Oh, you really are a dirty little prick.

4. Sophie in Les Misfortunes de Sophie

Abuse, depression and shitty looks, discover the daily life of Sophie, a little girl who has lost her mother and must then live with her stepmother, a person often compared to Satan. She loses her father too go hop. Suddenly Sophie spends the whole series being victimized by stepmother, and each episode is torture.

5. Sarah in Princess Sarah

Her father has no money, her mother died, so she lives in boarding school. The manager treats her like a slave, she does all the chores. Her 3 comrades constantly make fun of her and put her in misery. Then she learns that her father, in fact, well, he died too. Over time, she weakens physically, and is near death when she catches a high fever. The end of the series goes better, but still it is expensive.

6. Clementine in Clementine

She gets peeled and she dies. Lol no it’s not a fruit. One day, she has a plane crash and loses the use of her legs. And it’s all Dad’s fault, who wanted to break a stupid world record. And what she does to be happy is to travel in her dreams, where she can finally walk. Wow that’s moving.

7. Naruto in Naruto

“Yes but after he has lots of friends and becomes Hokage”. No, but that’s his life after his 12th birthday. You have to imagine that before that, he is an orphan and an entire village rejects him. AND HE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY. What hell. Luckily he learns the Rasengan.

8. Marcelino in Marcelino

Marcelino can talk to animals, which is cool. But Marcelino no longer has a mother, which is less cool. One day, Marcelino discovers a crucified Christ, and on his 6th birthday, Jesus offers him a wish. Marcelino wishes to join his mother, which means her death. Excellent choice Saint Marcelin.

9. Heidi in Heidi

Heidi lives a peaceful life in the mountains. Frankly everything is fine. But suddenly, his aunt takes him to live in town. She is being persecuted by the governess of the house, and she misses her campaign terribly. Fortunately, she makes a paraplegic friend whom she will relearn to walk.

10. Team Rocket in Pokemon

On the one hand, we have a kid of 10 years old who shrivels them up with each episode, which is humiliating. And on the other, we have a tyrannical boss who forces them to nab a specific Pikachu. Jessie and James must live in constant fear and humiliation. Hell.

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