Top 10 animals that you don’t expect to find in France at all

The French fauna is known. Nevertheless, various factors have led to the introduction on our land (but also in the water) of quite unexpected animals. Some are perfectly harmless and even benevolent, but others turn out to be more creepy. A short overview of the atypical creatures that it is possible to come across here.

1. Lynx

To date, there are approximately 150 lynx on French territory. The north of the Côte-d’Or has a lot of them. Not bothersome at all, except for the foxes and deer they hunt, lynx are however victims of poaching.

2. The gecko

We are talking here more particularly about the tarento of Mauretania. A big, beige-colored gecko that likes to help people by eating insects. Initially confined to the Mediterranean rim, it has tended to rise in recent years due to global warming. Present in Toulouse, it has even been reported in Grenoble.

3. The Black Widow

Feared for its potentially fatal bite, the black widow spider is indeed present in France. In the Hérault in particular, you can find them at Lac du Salagou. Fortunately, the experts are reassuring about it. The French black widow’s venom is not lethal as it is found at a northern latitude. Finally something like that. She is not very aggressive and only bites if you really have fun looking for her. Let’s take this opportunity to point out that no, the bite of a black widow will not give you superpowers. On the other hand, it will cause intense pain, cramps, muscle rigidity, and possibly nausea, anxiety, headaches, swelling…

4. Piranha

Remember that piranha someone caught in the Seine in September 2013? A year earlier, it was in the Saint-Martin canal that a fish of the same species had been recovered. A piranha famous for attacking the testicles. Nice… On this subject, I invite you to see all the weird animals that we found in the Seine, it’s confusing.

5. Bullfrog

This charming creature of 40 cm can easily reach 2 kg. In Florida, where she is from and where she should have stayed, she even eats small alligators. In 1968, a broke guy who didn’t know what to put in the pond of his castle decided to import a dozen. Quickly, the frogs proliferated to put a big mess in the local ecosystem. They are mostly found in the southwest region but soon, they will dominate the world!

6. The snapping turtle

Also called snapping turtle, which says a lot about its character, this turtle was introduced to France by pet stores. While she should have stayed in North America, she is now here with us. She bites, can cut off a finger and her filthy mouth can cause nasty infections.

7. Scottish stag

As its name suggests, this deer comes from Scotland. In 2012, several animals escaped from a reserve near Saubrigues in the Landes. They have since reproduced. Scottish deer are subject to government approved eradication.

8. Bennet’s Wallaby

Why pay a blind to go to Australia when you can see wallabies in the Rambouillet forest? Thanks to the Sauvage zoo in Émancé from which a small group escaped in 1970 to finally settle in the woods, taking advantage of conditions that were rather favorable to their development.

9. The Scorpion

This one is starting to become common but it still had to be in our top. There are 6 species of scorpions in France and they are all present in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Yes, the scorpion is a bit elitist. Scorpions aren’t necessarily deadly, but it’s best to call for help if stung.

10. Physalia

With its false airs of jellyfish and its incredible colors, this sea creature was introduced to France through sea currents. Normally located in tropical and subtropical seas and the Atlantic and Indian oceans, it is now a permanent resident of the beaches of Brittany. And that’s not very good news considering its venom. A sting is usually followed by nasty pain and can lead to difficulty breathing, acute hemolytic crisis as well as kidney failure. It is also good to know that a stranded physalia remains dangerous for several weeks, even if it looks all dried up.

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