Top 10 animals that have a unique feature, real fantasy animals

Nature is amazing, moreover nature has superpowers, because there are certain aspects of our world that seem quite unlikely but still exist. At the level of the animal kingdom it is exactly the same thing: certain creatures have unique characteristics or that they share with an extremely limited number of species and we are going to tell you about these exceptions of nature because here we like exceptional animals and stuff.

1. Minors: the art of vocal imitation

When you have the most elaborate vocal organ of all songbirds, you are bound to have some talent. Minerae are birds that could be described as polyglots since they manage to imitate the song of other birds with precision in order to attract them. Better than that, they can imitate the sounds of nature and even those of human objects and inventions: the sound of a train, a chainsaw, the click of a camera or even an alarm.” cc=”” url=”” ]Top 10 animals that have a unique feature real fantasy

2. The immortal jellyfish: an immortal jellyfish, as it more or less said in its name

What is the power of the immortal jellyfish? In short, it can regenerate quite simply when it is injured, when it bursts the slab or reaches too advanced an age. It then returns to the bottom of the ocean and “transforms” into a polyp (its initial stage) before returning as an adult. It is as if once old or injured you can become a fetus again and resume your life. In theory, the animal is therefore “immortal” but is often eaten by predators before taking advantage of its power.

3. The kangaroo rat: the one who doesn’t even need to drink water

If several species of “rat-kangaroo” exist (dipodomys), some have succeeded in taming their natural desert habitat to the point of only needing the humidity present in their food to survive. By eating certain plants and certain seeds they recover enough water without having to drink apart from their meals. A rather accommodating power when you live in hot environments where it hardly ever rains.

4. The peregrine falcon: the fastest animal in the animal kingdom

Considered the fastest bird in the world (at least in a dive), the peregrine falcon could theoretically reach a top speed of between 497 km/h and 626 km/h. If that makes him the fastest animal in the world, that doesn’t prevent him from often missing his prey, because maneuvering in flight at such speed can quickly become a hassle.

5. Meerkats: those who wear natural sunglasses

You’ve probably never wondered why meerkats’ fur is black around the eyes and so I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not asking the right questions in life. These animals have keen eyesight in great detail so they can watch their prey as well as their predators, and the black patches around their eyes help them block out the sun’s light for protection while watching the sky on the lookout. motherfuckers of birds who would like to eat them.

6. The sperm whale: the art of apnea

Since it only moves between 8 and 30 km/h, the sperm whale has every interest in being able to stay underwater for a long time without coming to the surface every two minutes to breathe. And given that nature is well done, he manages to do so since he can stay underwater without returning to the surface for more than an hour and a half, which is quite a result.

7. The opossums: invulnerability to venom

Opossums are curious creatures, not only are they able to pretend to be dead to deceive a predator, but they have also developed an infallible resistance to venom. As a result, they feed quite often on snakes and do not seem to have too much problem if they are bitten by these crawling little beasts during their hunt.

8. The hummingbird: hovering in place and back

Already flying is class, then flying on the spot it becomes rarer and more stylish, but FLYING BACK is really the ultra class of flight and it is one of the only animals in the world to succeed in doing that . Just for this power, the hummingbird finds its place in this top.

9. Cuttlefish: masters of camouflage

If I talk to you about camouflage in animals, you will probably think of the chameleon whose name has even been made into an expression to say of someone that he knows how to blend into the background. That being said, it is completely shattered by the cuttlefish in this area: this animal can not only change the patterns of its skin, its color but also its shape and the structure of its skin. In short, if it wants to look like a stone, it can take its shape and best imitate its texture.

10. The hippopotamus: all-in-one antiseptic sunscreen

Since hippos do not have scales or hair to protect their skin from the sun, they have developed another type of protection. It’s a red-colored oily fluid that they secrete that you might think is blood that coats their body and cools it down while tempering their temperature (yeah that sounds like it seems to me). It also acts as sunscreen, antiseptic and humidifier at the same time. Are not idiots.

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