Top 10 amazing things to know about Vietnam

A magnificent country full of riches, as attractive culturally as it is scenically, Vietnam is amazing on many levels. A top to study before making the trip (post-pandemic, because Vietnam has closed its borders for many months to stem the presence of Covid on its territory, and everything proves that it has been effective).

1. Fast food chains are struggling to grow there

It wasn’t until 2014 that the first McDonald’s opened in the country. In the beginning, of course, the queues were gigantic, but the enthusiasm quickly subsided to the point that people quickly fell back, faithful to their habits, on the street food stands and other “bia hoi”. Because it is well known, in Vietnam, street food is one of the richest and best in the world. A richness that fast food chains cannot offer.

2. Vietnam is the biggest exporter of cashew nuts

And what would we do for an aperitif without cashews? Not much…

3. Vietnam is also the second largest coffee producer in the world

Just behind South America. And that, we know less… Suddenly, there, the coffee costs nothing and it is good too!

4. They drink snake wine

Wine made from grapes? Not really the thing of the Vietnamese who prefers to drink snake wine. A drink that is prepared as its name suggests with a snake. A venomous snake that is immersed in alcohol before marinating for several months. So certainly, this special preparation was born in China but it is indeed in Vietnam that it is consumed the most. Small peculiarity: snake wine is not exported! If you want to drink it, you will have to make the trip.

5. We ride more on two wheels than in a car

There are almost 60 million two-wheeled vehicles registered in Vietnam. There are also a lot of bikes. A peculiarity may be on the way to disappearing since the government has announced that it wants to ban them in certain large cities such as Hanoi by 2030.

6. The country is home to one of the largest caves in the world

This is the Hang Son Doong cave. Discovered in 1991, it consists of a group of several spectacular cavities, spread over an area covering 5 km2. Its width is such that an airliner could enter it without any problem. There are also stalagmites which are among the highest in the world (up to 70 meters).

7. According to legend, the Vietnamese are descended from dragons and fairies

The class!

Good after I admit that this information will not be really useful to you once there. On the other hand, learning to say “hello” (“Xin chao”), “goodbye” (“Tam biet”), “thank you” (“Cam on”) and “no” (“khong”) will probably be less idle for you. .

8. Ho Chi Minh’s body can still be seen there

Vietnam’s first president is still very popular in the country. So much so that it is always possible, from January to September, to admire his embalmed body in the mausoleum in his name, located in Hanoi. In October, the body is brought to Moscow where it is treated, before returning to Hanoi.

9. One of the most popular sports is a mix of football and volleyball

It’s called sepak takraw (in Malay-Indonesian) or kick volleyball. Two teams face each other, on either side of a badminton net and it is only possible to use your feet and your head to touch the ball. It is practiced widely throughout Asia and especially in Thailand where it is a national sport.

10. The consequences of the Vietnam War are still visible

Especially in nature. Some forests have not yet regained their original appearance due to massive napalm bombardments by the American army. And while the war ended in 1975, after Uncle Sam’s withdrawal, when Saigon fell to North Vietnamese forces, diplomatic relations between the United States and Vietnam took two decades to recover.

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