Top 10 Adult Jokes You Didn’t Notice In Shrek

When you think about it, the cartoons of the 2000s were really great and we were lucky to have such funny and stupid programs without boring or educational morals. Apparently, the writers laughed as much as the children because there are a lot of hidden jokes in the cartoons, jokes that we obviously didn’t understand when we were 8 years old. Even more than Disney, Dreamworks films are full of jokes and the best of all is surely Shrek, we love you Puss in Boots.

1. Lord Farquaad’s Castle

When Shrek and the Donkey arrive in Duloc, they look at Lord Farquaad’s huge castle and Shrek says, “Wouldn’t he have something to compensate for, your lord?” “. Farquaad is very small but the phrase obviously has a double meaning.

2. The Big Bad Wolf Magazine

At the very beginning of Shrek 2, we see Charming arriving in the tower to free the princess but, surprised, he finds the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood instead. He’s lying on the princess’s bed, busy reading a magazine with a pig in his underwear on the cover.

Top 10 adult jokes you didn't notice in shrek
Picture credits: Shrek – Dreamworks

3. Farquaad fiddles

As Farquaad lies in bed, he asks the magic mirror to show him the princess again. The mask in the mirror looks disgusted and disappears to reveal an image of Princess Fiona. We then see him lift the duvet with a little embarrassed look.

4. Potté’s catnip

When Donkey, Potté and Shrek are captured and thrown in prison in Shrek 2, Potté doesn’t give up and shouts “Cabrón! Dogs of capitalists! to the soldiers, words that you don’t understand when you’re a child, but it’s a strong denunciation. Seconds later, Potté is caught and the soldier finds catnip in his pockets. Potté then says “Uhhh it’s not mine” and it’s the worst excuse to come out when a cop finds drugs in your pockets.

Top 10 adult jokes you didn't notice in shrek
Picture credits: Shrek – Dreamworks

5. The Completely Stoned Donkey

When our three friends change bodies, the Donkey finds himself unfortunately stuck in that of Potté and the experience seems trying. In the VO, Donkey can be heard saying “I haven’t been high like that since college” and something tells us that it wasn’t the revisions that were making her head spin.

6. Students smoke in the trailer

In Shrek 3, the trio of friends arrive at the university and they pass in front of a caravan from which escapes smoke. The door opens and a boy comes out coughing. He then said to his friend: “Never burn frankincense with myrrh!” “. One wonders what they were trying to do…

7. Vulgar puppets

When Shrek and the Donkey arrive in Duloc in the first film, automatons perform a little show in front of them. In their song, we hear them saying “Don’t jump the embankments, wash your feet, wash your… nose!” and even the children understand that they meant something else.

Top 10 adult jokes you didn't notice in shrek
Picture credits: Shrek – Dreamworks

8. “My donkey fell in your waffle hole”

In Shrek 4, Shrek finds himself in an alternate world after having sold Tracassin one day of his life, that of his birth. After finding Donkey and Potté, he goes in search of Fiona but Donkey is lured by waffles and falls into a trap. This trap was actually set by Fiona and her acolytes and Shrek can be heard telling her “My donkey fell in your waffle hole”. Fiona thinks it’s a sexual and marvelous allusion to poor Shrek’s face.

9. Pinocchio’s thong

In Shrek 2, we meet Pinocchio and Tibiscuit who try to save Shrek, then imprisoned. As they need Pinocchio’s enlarged nose, Tibiscuit asks him to lie by saying for example that he is wearing lace panties. Unfortunately, that didn’t work since the wooden brat was indeed wearing a little pink thong.

Top 10 adult jokes you didn't notice in shrek
Picture credits: Shrek – Dreamworks

10. The Donkey’s Erotic Dreams

Before Shrek discovers Fiona’s secret, the trio are forced to spend the night under the stars and Shrek wakes Donkey hastily because he talks in his sleep. The real problem is that he was obviously in the middle of an erotic dream since we hear him mumbling “oh yes you know I like it baby”. Super kid friendly.

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