Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…


Well, that’s good. Because yeah, in fact, there’s a lot of stuff that can make you addict and that you hardly care about. We prefer to hit those who smoke weed, perhaps because they are slower to relax.

1. Coffee

In normal doses, coffee is good for your health, but in high doses it is quite the opposite. Those who proudly advertise drinking 10 cups a day actually increase their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and raise their blood pressure far too much. But hey, it’s an addiction accepted by everyone and we’re not ready to have awareness clips on the subject on TV.

Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…

2. Shopping

In an age where we overproduce and where we burn our resources at full speed, we could start looking at the question of shopaholics who buy 50 pairs of sneakers a year. But no, it’s more stylish to follow the #SneakersAddict on Insta. Too stylish addictions. Oulalah I’m pissed today and it’s not going to get better. You are dealing with Dark Quentin, I warn you.

3. The telephone

Do you also spend your time touching your phone, turning it on without knowing why and scrolling useless stuff on it instead of going to sleep? We have all become old addicts who feel naked when they walk around without their precious phone. Fuck, they were right the boomers, we would have done better to read good books. Damn boomers, you’ll pay me.

Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…

4. Dating apps

This addiction is super sneaky, since under the cover of offering us to finally meet true love, dating apps have above all made us want to swipe a max without ever being satisfied with what we have. There will always be a cooler girl, a funnier guy. Surely on the next swipe. No, the next one. In short, the stuff is endless. Does it also make you want to fart objects?

5. Series

We watch so many that we can’t say what we watched barely two weeks ago. Still, we should remember that because two weeks ago we stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish the last best series in the world that was a hit at the time. Yeah, “at the time”, because two weeks later everyone has already forgotten about her. There are too many series in fact, and we inject them intravenously. Finally, in the eyepiece, but you have understood the trick. Squid Game of my two yeah.

Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…

6. TikTok

There is good content on TikTok, I’m not saying the opposite, but from the moment you hear people say “yesterday I didn’t sleep I couldn’t stop scrolling on TikTok lol”, there may be a problem. But as people say with a laugh, everyone accepts it. To believe that today it is enough to add “mdr” behind all our sufferings to make a joke of it. I warned you, I’m in a bad mood.

7. Likes/views on Insta

Lots of studies already exist on the subject to prove how bad the addiction to likes is for people, and yet nothing is changing. At the same time, Zuckerberg has other things to do than care about the well-being of users. But hey, I can’t swing too much on him because I’m afraid he’ll find me. Let’s move on directly.

Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…

8. Alcohol

So yes of course alcoholism is pointed out when it is obvious, but lots of alcoholism is less visible. Worldly alcoholics are legion. They put their health at stake, but as they are funny we say that it passes. After all they don’t collapse every time they drink so that’s fine huh. Well no it’s not. They’re probably sad when they haven’t had their fix for 24 hours, and they’re no happier once they’ve downed their pint. Or it only lasts a few hours. In short, it’s not going well.

9. Sugar

Same, we know it’s bad to eat sugar all the time, and yet when we look at the food we are sold in the supermarket, what do we find there 99% of the time? Here, some sugar. Kind of unnatural sugar at all that was added to trick our brains. Normal that we become addicted. But instead of remedying this, we prefer to tell us consumers not to eat “too fatty, too sweet, too salty”. BEN STOP SELLING US SHIT THAT MAKES ADDICT THEN.

Top 10 addictions accepted by everyone, while…

10. Topito

I know people who are in a bad state today because they have been reading Topito day and night for years. Make no mistake, it’s super dangerous. Stop while there’s still time (no please don’t do that).

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