Top 10 actresses whose pregnancy we hid during a shoot, come on, let’s go inside the…

For the team of a film or a series, a pregnant actress who plays the character of a woman who is not pregnant, it is problematic. It is necessary at all costs to hide the little bidou which begins to grow, otherwise the credibility of the work is at stake. It happened to some actresses who had to use tricks to be able to continue acting. In addition to that, you have to reckon with the annoying side effects of pregnancy, such as nausea or fatigue. The life of an actress is not always easy.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City

Her character, Carrie, isn’t one to have kids too much, so the writers couldn’t fit a pregnancy too much into the story. We had to hide her belly with loose clothes like puffy dresses. There you go, problem solved.

2. Claire Danes in Homeland

Fatigue is what Claire Danes endured during season 7 of Homeland. Her pregnancy constantly put her to sleep and prevented her from being on top to play her role as Carrie (another Carrie, yes). To hide her belly, we used computer graphics, among other things.

3. Courteney Cox in Friends

While the couple Monica / Chandler had already learned that they could not have a kid, Courteney Cox got pregnant. To avoid a big script inconsistency, we had to camouflage it with loose clothes. Bye bye bulky belly.

Top 10 actresses whose pregnancy we hid during a shoot, come on, let's go inside the...
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4. Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is the totally glaucous musical based on cut throats signed Tim Burton. His wife, Helena Bonham Carter, holds one of the main roles with Johnny Depp. Problem: she was pregnant during the filming and her character should not be. Fortunately, during the film she spends her time wearing dresses with corsets, so we don’t see anything.

Top 10 actresses whose pregnancy we hid during a shoot, come on, let's go inside the...
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5. Kerry Washington in Scandal

The actress had become pregnant and the writers had no desire to include a pregnancy in the script. Suddenly, they removed 4 episodes from season 3 and tried to hide the belly which was starting to grow by avoiding fixing this point on the camera and by giving the character of Olivia loose clothes.

6. Marcia Cross in Desperate Housewives

The interpreter of Bree was pregnant with twins during season 3 of one of the most successful series in the world. She still wanted to stay until the end, and the directors were resourceful enough that we didn’t pay too much attention to it. Outstanding professionalism.

7. Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train

In the 2016 thriller adapted from a best-selling book, Emily Blunt plays a young woman who constantly looks like she’s in the mood. In truth, she was pregnant and rather happy. The hardest part for the team was shooting a scene in a bath. They finally filmed her from behind. Sure, it’s easier that way.

8. Halle Berry in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Tornado who is normally a pretty cool member of the X-men is a bit more transparent in Days of Future Past. It’s normal: as Halle Berry was knocked up during filming, we decided to cut several of her scenes and not make her do too many actions where we saw her in a wide shot in her tight costume. So much for the movie.

9. Kate Winslet in Divergent

She plays the wicked cold that we want to slap. To hide his belly when we were filming the scenes, we had him hold a tablet or placed it behind other objects. For the larger action plans, she handed over to a stuntwoman (not pregnant, the stuntwoman, otherwise it would be stupid.)

10. Angelina Jolie in The Swap

Recently pregnant with her fifth child during filming, Angelina found the trick easily enough to be ignored: she didn’t say so. Her stomach was still pretty flat. Of course it’s easier that way.

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