Top 10 actors whose life was screwed up by a movie, great thank you we’ll come back

The film is full of little anecdotes, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic. Here we are rather on the uncool side of the story, since some actors have seen their lives ruined by a film. For some it was a small part of their life, for others it was the whole thing. Like what it’s not always the big slice of fun the cinema.

1. ‘Groundhog Day’ broke the friendship between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis had been buddies for quite a while when they filmed an endless day together. We had seen them especially in Ghostbusters, but also in other films that were successful at the time. But on the set ofan endless day, they got it right. Ramis was director, and Murray lead actor. Except that the first wanted to make a nice little comedy, but the second, who had just divorced, wanted to accentuate the dark side of his character. In addition to that, everyone reminded Murray that if his career had taken off, it was mainly thanks to Ramis, and that the films he had participated in without him had all failed. So it’s not complicated, the two former friends have been the mouth for 21 years (well, it was mostly Murray who had the hard tooth.) They did not really speak again until Ramis had become very ill, before dying . It’s already that.

Top 10 actors whose life was screwed up by a
Picture credits: ghostbusters

2. The movie Syriana made George Clooney think about suicide

On this shoot, in 2005, Clooney had an accident during a stunt. As a result, he damaged his spine, and (watch out filthy detail) he had spinal fluid leaking regularly from his nose, in addition to having severe migraines and memory problems, which is not not very practical for an actor. Because of all that, well, little George thought about suicide, and we understand him, especially since he didn’t know why he had all these problems. But fortunately, a neurologist found where the problem was coming from, and after two or three operations, everything was settled. For the record, the neurologist is the brother of Lisa Kudrow, the actress who plays Phoebe in Friends. Yes, it is a useless anecdote.

3. Jake Lloyd had a good time after playing little Anakin Skywalker

It’s simple, exposing a 10-year-old kid to the general public without protecting him, it rarely ends well. After’Part I: The Phantom Menace, Jake Lloyd explained that all the kids at school made fun of him. On top of that, many fans of Star Wars hated his interpretation and didn’t hesitate to bash him publicly. That’s a bit much for a kid. And of course his career never took off, he started screwing up and getting in trouble with the law. It must also be said that he had a psychological ground not ge-ge, because he was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. Courage Jack.

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Picture credits: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

4. Hayden Christensen endured his role as Anakin just as well

After Episode I, he took over as a young adult Anakin in Episodes II and III. But, the same, a good part of the fans downgraded his performance. On top of that, Hayden was cataloged in this role and was never able to have a real outstanding career in the cinema. He took it badly, then ended up going green by becoming a farmer. It was certainly not his first career choice, but he still plans to return to the top one day. That’s the Darth Vader we love.

5. Because of his role in Ghostbusters, everyone wanted to hit William Atherton

The actor played Walter Pen, the good asshole role of ghostbusters. And he played it so well that for years afterwards, guys who passed him on the street wanted to fight him, just because they thought he was really bad. Sometimes we forget that people are stupid, and this kind of anecdotes reminds us that yes, people are really stupid.

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Picture credits: ghostbusters

6. Bruce Willis got a little hard off the sheet with Die Hard

In the first diehard, crystal trap, McClane, the cop played by Bruce Willis, kills quite a few henchmen of the villainous Hans Gruber. Except that in the scene where he shoots through a table under which he is, the weapon he was using was too close to his left ear which was not protected. Result, since this shooting, Bruce Willis hears much less well, and it is necessary to speak to him loudly, as with our grandparents who do not understand anything when we call them to wish them a happy new year.

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7. Rupert Grint got stuck in Ron Weasley

Said like that it’s a bit weird, so we’ll say that he never really got out of his role in the saga Harry Potter in the eyes of the general public. If Emma Watson has been very successful, it really struggles to find success. So the same film that made him known to the eyes of the whole Earth at the same time put a big brake on his career. We could ask that we make more movies Harry Potter so that he is happy, and so are we. Go please.

8. Emma Watson receives Bibles in the mail from Harry Potter

Well in real life she saw it pretty well, but anyone should find it creepy. A bunch of Christian extremists see in Harry Potter the imprint of the evil one, the antichrist and all that crap like that. Yes they are completely crazy, we can say that. And so, as they are convinced that Emma Watson is on the wrong path, they send her Bibles to save her. Come on, you have the right to laugh. But it’s still anxiety.

9. Maria Schneider whose life was shot down by the filming of Last Tango in Paris

If Bertolucci has long been adored, the revelations concerning the shooting of this film have somewhat tainted his career. The famous butter scene (not the most elegant denomination, but there’s really no other way to qualify it) was indeed thought up by the director and actor Marlon Brando without the actress having been warned. whatever it is. Admittedly, there was no actual penetration, but the unorthodox use made of the lump of butter was the surprise ingredient. Without the consent of the actress. In short, a beautiful sexual assault filmed, and hailed by critics. In the meantime, Maria Schneider was destroyed by this scene and by this film.

Top 10 actors whose life was screwed up by a

10. Patrick Wilson got super freaked out about ghosts after filming in The Conjuring

Here is another actor who has been traumatized by a role. Must say that the horror film The Conjuring plays a lot on the side “inspired by real events” but it seems that our little Patrick took this information a bit at face value, convinced that his own house was haunted, because he heard children laughing in the middle of the night. But hey, if for example he has children and his children like to laugh, it’s not such a crazy situation.

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