Top 10 actors who were lied to on a set, it’s not pretty pretty

Cinema is the art of lying, so much so that actors have lied to get roles or films have been born thanks to a lie. If sometimes it goes well, assume that it’s never a super positive thing to lie to people, it’s a bit like taking them for idiots. So when it’s the crew who lies to the actors when playing a scene, it can give quite unexpected things, sometimes not serious and other times really, really abused.

1. The filming of “Blair Witch” or the constant build-up of pressure

If you have already watched the movie Blair Witch you may wonder how aware the actors really were of everything that was going on around them. Basically assume that other than the outline of the script, they didn’t know much. The film crew was often camouflaged in the woods and made suspicious noises, not to mention the famous tent scene where we hear the sounds of children playing outside and the tent canvas shaking. All this was obviously done without having informed the three actors beforehand, and it is completely felt in the scenes.

2. The vomit scene in “The Exorcist”

Imagine you’re in a scene where you’re told you’re going to make yourself vomit on it but everything will happen on your chest without touching your face. This is precisely what Jason Miller, the priest of the exorcist, was told just before the famous scene where he was going to take green soup in abundance on his body. Except that what he didn’t know was that the jet was going to be really powerful and cover his whole face, that’s why his reaction is absolutely authentic, you can see his disgust but also a kind of staleness that gives the impression that he is really about to vomit himself.

3. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in ‘Wolverine’

If Ryan Reynolds agreed to act in the film Wolverine it’s because he was promised that this would also be the origin of Deadpool’s on-screen character (his dream project). We pitched him the role and the project, except that in fact we lied to him a little (a lot) about what was going to happen. Those who have seen the film know that at the end appears a completely failed and awful kind of Deadpool and this scene had not been sold in the same way to Reynolds who fortunately managed to make the real film a few years later. late. Another thing you probably don’t know about Deadpool.

4. The scene with real birds on the set of “The Birds”

Alfred Hitchcock was famous for testing his actors on his sets, and the film The birds is no exception. Actress Tippi Hedren had several moments where she nearly quit the film, but it was during production of one scene in particular that she really threatened to quit. When she arrived on set, an assistant told her that the mechanical birds weren’t working and that we were going to have to film a scene with real birds. The pressure that can be read on his face is therefore quite real, and one of the animals almost gouged out his eye, it’s still a bit strong of coffee.

5. The chocolate river scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

In the first film adapted from the novel Charlie and the chocolate factory, the characters find themselves traveling in a boat on the chocolate river. If Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka) says at this point “there’s no way of knowing which way we’re going”, the actors really weren’t aware of everything that was going to happen in the scene, we can therefore see the genuine surprise in their reactions. The scene is therefore more realistic, which isn’t completely a bad idea, especially since it doesn’t involve birds hurting people.

6. Alan Rickman’s downfall in “Die Hard”

If you have seen the movie diehard, you probably remember the famous fall of Hans Gruber from the top of Nakatomi Plazza. If you look at the scene again, you can read on actor Alan Rickman’s face a rather realistic effect of surprise, and well that’s normal, he is really surprised. Rest assured the actor was well aware that he was going to fall, we had told him that we would make him fall after a count of three seconds, except that the team decided to drop him at 1 instead of 3, which quite naturally makes Rickman really, really surprised by what’s going on.

7. The panties scene in “Basic Instinct”

This is the scene that practically made the film famous and it is completely abused. Basically, Sharon Stone was made to take off her panties on the pretext that white underwear was bad on screen. We then obviously promised him that we would not see his crotch in the image, that the movement would be too fast and the framing would prevent him from seeing, except that in reality we can see everything. Once she saw the images during the preview, since we had not had the delicacy to warn her before, Sharon Stone slapped the director Paul Verhoeven so she was disgusted by the scene. Yes, it’s totally outrageous, we agree.

8. The children of “It” and the encounter with the clown

During the production of the first part of the remake of That, the director had avoided the meeting between the children and Bill Skarsgård on the set before filming the very first scene where the clown shows himself entirely. The goal was to capture the horror reaction of children and have it be completely realistic. The only problem is that even if the kids played the game, they were much less freaked out than the director expected. It’s stupid all of a sudden. But the film was still not bad and finds its place in the best horror films in history.

9. The alien that comes out of John Hurt’s belly in “Alien”

This absolutely cult scene from the film Alien in which we see John Hurt being stabbed in the stomach by a small alien had not been explained to the other actors. Basically John Hurt and the technical team knew about it, but all the other actors just thought they were going to see him die “normally”. So you can imagine their surprise when they saw this kind of creature emerge from their colleague’s belly in a very filthy way, a little master stroke of surprise that makes the scene even more amazing when you take the time to watch one by one. one the faces of each character.

10. The entire “Movie 43” cast

The film “Movie 43” is a strange production in which we find a host of actors: Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, Richard Gere, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Justin Long, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and many more. In short, a huge bunch of big stars whose only common point is that they were lied to in order for them to stay on the film, although most of them want to get out of the project. The result is a pretty scrappy, critically frazzled sketch film that almost no actor agreed to champion during promotion. A questionable method, since we put a little pressure on them throughout the production.

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