Top 10 Actors Who Spoiled Their Own Movies Accidentally

These days, spoilers are everywhere, everywhere, all the time, you can’t step down the street without some nameless motherfucker dropping something about your favorite show like “nah but too shocked to be.” be dead ”, ruining your day, your streak and your life in a fraction of a second. Spoilers are so crap that somewhere there is even someone who tried to give them a French name: “disclose” which is even crazier than the concept of the already crappy thing. But sometimes the spoilers start from an unsuspected source, namely the actors of the film themselves who, distracted, who release a huge spoil before biting their fingers.

1. David Prowse and “The Empire Strikes Back”

The man in Darth Vader’s costume had shamelessly dropped the biggest spoiler imaginable about the trilogy. Basically, almost two years before the release of The Empire Strikes Back, he had declared at a fan convention that Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father, which a local newspaper even covered in its big bucks. securities. The thing is, we’re not sure if Prowse actually knew the twist or if it was just a guess, since the script had yet to be revealed to the team. Well, it’s still stupid for the people who were present.

2. Mark Ruffalo and “Thor Ragnarok”

A rather funny spoil since it takes more of the cute clumsiness. Basically Ruffalo was at a screening for the movie’s release and had started an Instagram live for his fans. The concern is that he did not manage to cut his live and that the first twenty minutes of the film were therefore spoiled. Although his phone was in his pocket, the sound of the film was playing on his account live. In the end, a Disney employee came to ask him to turn off his phone altogether because you shouldn’t mess around anyway, it had been 20 minutes since the film had started.

Top 10 actors who spoiled their own movies accidentally
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

3. Will Smith and “I am a legend”

Like what, press conferences are bullshit: in full promotion, Will Smith had literally told the whole film “I am a legend” in front of a full house in Tokyo. The co-producer of the film Akiva Goldsman had even yelled at him so that he did not tell the end but this con Smith had already revealed everything. People in the theater were even asked to keep what they heard completely a secret so as not to ruin the film’s release. Frankly it’s still complicated to tell the whole of a film without realizing that we are doing a big bullshit, right?

4. Samuel L Jackson and “Revenge of the Sith”

When Samuel L Jackson was asked what his character of Mace Windu was doing in the film, he simply replied “die”. So frankly, if he’s a troll it’s masterful. He defended himself by saying that for him it was not really a spoiler since he did not give the details of this death. Not phew the defense anyway, but I love this actor too much to blame him personally.

5. Sylvester Stallone and “Creed”

If the Creed movie was a nice surprise, the spoiler Stallone dropped was a less cool one. He had posted on his twitter account an image to announce the end of the script of the film except that there was on the image in question a page of the famous script which completely revealed the end of it. That’s still very stupid as a spoiler, it’s really obvious that people can just flip the photo and read the text …

6. Hugh Jackman and “Logan”

The Logan movie was also a really nice surprise: more mature, darker and more adult than what we were used to seeing in the X-men universe. It was while talking about a discussion he had with actor Jerry Seinfeld that Jackman revealed that he knew when his character had to stop. He said then that the fact that his character “gives his life to save another” was a great ending idea. A great spoiler idea yeah, really abused to end it like this. Look at that spoiler head.

7. Michael Keaton and “Batman”

The one who put on the costume of the dark knight in front of the camera of Tim Burton had completely screwed the film during a passage on the set of David Letterman. While he was saying that his character of Bruce Wayne had been marked by the death of his parents, Letterman asked “did the Joker kill them?” »He had answered« yes, but he realizes it later ». A big nasty spoil. Letterman then blurted out “I may have just disclosed the plot”. Well yes damn David, clearly.

8. Anne Hataway and “Dark Knight Rises”

Invited to David Letterman (still this swelling), Anne was quietly talking about the film and the fact that it was captivating, surprising, well done … When David simply let go “And in the end Batman dies”. Anne’s reaction then was a sweet mixture of dismay and uneasiness as she simply said “Dave …” without really contradicting him. Anyway, it was screwed up and it was still a letterman stunt who obviously doesn’t like Batman.

Top 10 actors who spoiled their own movies accidentally
Photo credits (CC BY 3.0): UN Brasil (United Nations Brasil) Published by UN Brasil – YouTube

9. Harrison Ford and “The Force Awakens”

In the middle of the interview, Harrison Ford had casually dropped the phrase “I think the best goal for this character (Han Solo) is to sacrifice himself for his final ideal”. What everyone understood as “yeah he died in the movie”. Of course it did not fail. A good big spoil as we do little, on an iconic character lost in a bad movie. (yeah sorry, my opinion is only my opinion).

10. Tom Holland, for plenty of MCU movies

Tom Holland has accidentally spoiled so often that Marvel even used him to “accidentally” reveal the “Avengers Infinity War” movie poster online. Basically he had already unveiled at a press conference during the release of “Spiderman Homecoming” that a trilogy was planned, but above all he had completely spoiled the end of infinity war to a room of spectators during a screening in their revealing the twist. Convinced that the audience had just finished the film, he entered the stage screaming “I’m not dead !! “. The problem is that the film was going to be screened after its passage on stage. Well, apparently people took him well since he was very cute and did not know where to put himself.

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