Top 10 actors who quit their career for unlikely reasons

Many of them, however, had a great career ahead of them, and then finally no. It didn’t take. Radical reconversion or increasingly rotten roles, these actors have said goodbye to the cinema for improbable reasons. And before anyone asks me, no, I’m not one of them.

1. GoT’s King Joffrey

Jack Gleeson decided to resume his studies of philosophy and theology and to devote himself to his humanitarian actions because he was a little tired of everyone having a visceral hatred for him for his role as a sadistic bastard in Game Of Thrones. Like what, you can play a character and be totally different from this character, fascinating isn’t it?

Top 10 actors who quit their career for unlikely reasons
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2. Frankie Muniz in Malcolm

The star of the Malcolm series would indeed have put aside his acting career to devote himself fully to his passion: the tu-ture. He will thus participate in several car races in the 2000s without however winning any major prizes.

3. Thora Birch in American Beauty and Ghost World

The one that we no longer see too much anywhere would have stopped her career because of her father, Jack Birch, ex-porn-star who notably distinguished himself in the cult Deep Throat (with his mother Carol Connors, rather fun darons). Jack Birch was also his daughter’s manager, but he wasn’t great. The discomfort coming from the fact that he systematically framed the nude scenes with Thora. When she was a minor, we can understand, in adulthood it started to become embarrassing.

4. Scott Schwartz, the tongue of fire from Christmas Story

We remember in particular Flick in this film, the poor boy who finds himself with his tongue stuck to the post has finally oriented his career towards porn. The reasons ? After a star childhood, an adolescence spent in disuse, his brother finally integrated him into this moist new world. Oddly, it’s the tongue scene in Christmas Story which made him famous. Even in porn.

5. Sam J. Jones aka Flash Gordon

The super mega star of Flash Gordon unfortunately did not persevere in glory and chained small roles without much success. This is why he ended up converting himself into a bodyguard and even a specialist in hostage extraction. Let’s take it for granted, it is therefore technically possible (although unlikely) to be kidnapped and saved by Flash Gordon.

6. Jennifer Grey, Dirty Dancing Nose

Baby had his nose done, so we left him in a corner. The star changed her face so much after having her face redone that she became completely anonymous again and lost everything she had acquired. A lesson to remember therefore: do not redo your nose.

7. Jake Lloyd traumatized by Star Wars

Young Anakin of Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was literally sick of life after this experience when he was eight years old. He can no longer bear to be filmed and has recently landed in a psychiatric hospital. The guy, don’t even talk to him about RogueOne. You’ll see, we talk about him in our top actors whose life was shot down by a movie.

Top 10 actors who quit their career for unlikely reasons

8. Sondra Locke, “girl of”

Clint Eastwood’s girlfriend of 15 years starred with him on a few movies, but one day they broke up. AND even that it’s because she wanted to have children and Clint didn’t. In short, the 90s were not tip-top for her, who hardly ever made other post-Eastwood films.

9. Hayden Christensen

Much like little Jack Lloyd, Hayden as teenage Anakin in Star Wars Episode 2 put his career on hold after trying. Lots of hate for his character. Could the role be cursed?

10. Kev Adams following a new law

A new law which should come into force shortly encourages all comedians who have come directly from hell to expressly end their careers and opt for a rapid professional retraining.

BOUYAHHHHHH TOO MECHAAAAAAAANT. Don’t worry I’m actually criticizing, but that’s because I wish I had the same hair.

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