Top 10 actors who played opposite roles to their personality

You know it and we know it, when an actor plays a role well it’s a role, it’s not real life. In fact, it doesn’t stop some people from sending death threats or insulting certain actors and actresses because they didn’t like a role or something like that, but that’s just that there are people with a very low level of thinking who can be addressed using euphemisms to say that they are idiots. Some actors, however, played roles far removed from their personality, with something that makes us say that they weren’t necessarily the best choices but who still screwed everything up.

1. Keanu Reeves as John Wick

It’s hard to imagine such a nice guy playing a violent, depressive and ruthless hitman, and yet this is the case of Keanu in John Wick. In everyday life the guy spends his time reading good books (a lot) and leaving his seat to people in the metro, he doesn’t push things into people’s eyes. Check out the evidence that Keanu Reeves is a beautiful person if you don’t believe me.

2. Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter

So yes, we suspect that he didn’t really eat people because he played a cannibal killer, but from there not eating meat at all is quite funny, because the actor is a vegetarian. Besides, Hopkins has done so much for the role that he is part of the elite: the prestigious list of actors who have won the Oscar by staying 20 minutes on screen and that’s super classy.

Top 10 actors who played opposite roles to their personality
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3. Jack Gleeson as King Joffrey in Got

It’s hard to find a more detestable character than that little bastard King Joffrey, yet the actor is just a perfectly normal young man. He had stated several times that he wanted to stop playing in front of cameras and become a stage actor when his role in GOT was over. And he did all that as he had said, but in the meantime he went to Haiti to do humanitarian work because that had been his project for a while. A beautiful soul.

4. Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Playing a bad guy must be a pretty cool thing to do, or so it was approached by Tom Felton, a very nice kid who said “it’s a way to experiment with a behavior that I don’t adopt ever in real life,” which is clearly a nice guy phrase. Despite this, he took a lot during his schooling, but the jealousy of the other kids and the galley of insults did not change his personality as a nice guy. Did you know that in the whole saga only 30 minutes appear on screen? We tell you about it in the memorable roles with very little screen time.

5. Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99)

Quite a number of fans were shocked upon meeting Stephanie Beatriz and realizing that she didn’t have much to do with her character. Rosa Diaz speaks with a low, deep and monotonous voice, Beatriz with a cheerful voice and always seems ready to mess around and talk shit unlike her super serious persona. As for the style of dress based on a black leather jacket, it’s still something that would prevent you from recognizing her in the street.

6. Tom Hiddleston as Loki (Marvel)

After completely screwing up an audition for the role of Thor, Tom Hiddleston got that of Loki: the mischievous, treacherous, mean and selfish god. Except that it is not at all the personality of this good bugger who does a lot of humanitarian work, is a soft heart and that all his colleagues describe as the nicest and most sensitive guy in the world. Look at this little angel face at the same time.

Top 10 actors who played opposite roles to their personality
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7. Liev Schreiber and most of his roles (Scream, Wolverine, Ray Donovan)

Liev Schreiber’s problem is that he has a “killer chipmunk” face (according to himself), his cheeks and his jawline are a little freaking everyone out. As a result, he is given a lot of villain roles or unreassuring characters. However, the gentleman is very calm, funny, kind and often in the moon, but he says it himself, his face which does not inspire confidence has been a problem for him all his life. Super sad that those fuckin’ producers aren’t giving him nice guy roles.

8. Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson (Mr Robot)

Whether it’s his role in Mr Robot or the latest James Bond, Rami Malek embodies silent, creepy, lonely and uncomfortable characters. Yet he said Elliot was his “total opposite”. He likes contact with people, talking without saying anything, being exuberant and drawing attention to himself (well, he’s an actor, you might say), which is actually the total opposite of the asocial and anxious character in the series.

9. Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Here is a real horrible character ready to do all the crap imaginable to save his own skin. In real life, needless to say, Bryan Cranston is closer to the father in Malcolm than to Walter. Funny, kind, kind and sensitive, he even cried in an interview when talking about the character of Jane in the series. That’s probably what makes a good actor.

10. Mads Mikkelsen and all his villain roles

In the cinema Mads Mikkelsen often takes on the roles of great villains, in the films Pusher, Casino Royale, Doctor Strange or Valhalla Rising he’s not necessarily the kind of guy you want to meet on the street. Yet Mads is obviously super nice, stylish, funny (he’s the perfect guy) and started out as a gymnast and dancer, not bumping into people. Look how handsome he is too.

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