Top 10 actors who manage their career the worst, it’s a shame

Hi, I’m a career counselor for stars, well believe me there are some who clearly didn’t follow my advice and jerked off nonsense over their choices. And that comes out of my siskin’s holes. Here is the list of bad students, I hope they will read my top and thus question themselves.

1. Jason Momoa

Let’s be honest, aside from a tight-lipped role on Game of Thrones, Jason really has had a shit-ass career. Certainly because many believed for a long time that he had an accent (you have to be a little tough) but perhaps also because Aquaman was a purge. It’s a shame, he looks really nice. I’m on the verge of offering him to play in my final student short film (I’m studying cheese making).

2. George Lazenby

You don’t know who it is? It’s normal. Good old George played one of the James Bonds in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The somewhat unfortunate thing is that he did not want to re-enlist for the future, not wanting to lock himself in the same role. Suddenly the cinema told him to go eat his dead since he never filmed again. Can we talk about a bad career choice? Certainly.

3. Tom Selleck

Do you remember the series Magnum ? A burnt thing that frankly has aged badly and that we would never see again for anything in the world. Well, it’s because of this series that he had to refuse the role of Indiana Jones. I’m not telling you how I would have the balls in his place. Afterwards, I wouldn’t have the balls that much because he retired at 60 to go and grow avocados on a farm and it’s a pretty nice second life. Even if lawyers are crap.

4. Jennifer Gray

The young actress, however, was off to a good start with her role in dirty dancing but by passing her conk with the scalpel, she changed her face and her career quietly died out apart from a few TV movies which will not remain engraved in the annals. However, I had told him not to fiddle with the siskin brothel.

5. Vincent Perez

He first chained the roles of young first and rather not too badly, but from the 2000s it started to shit in the glue. Good after the dude he starred in Cyrano de Bergerac, Those who love me will take the train, Indochina, or The Hunchbackso honestly with my three extras and my silhouette role of Mary Besnard I can’t judge at all. I just wanna say chain The Bites of Dawn and duty pharmacist it was fatal.

6. Val Kilmer

He too had had a nice start with cult roles like in Top Gun, Willow, the doorsor true romance… And then it’s the big stampede. He connects the dung starting with batman forever (vomit). But I don’t have the heart to hurt his career any further because he’s had laryngeal cancer since 2015 and now can only feed himself through a feeding tube.

7. Adrian Brody

Adrien Brody in summary is The pianist by Polansky. Film for which he won the César and the Oscar for best actor. There. After that it’s the sère-mi, and that I don’t care about you Town of Shyamalan, of Spliceof Predators. In short, it’s dung on dung with a few thinnings like On board the Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr Fox or The French Dispatch. Yes, thank you Wes Anderson.

8. Matthew Broderick

He’s cute Matthew. He’s cute, but it wasn’t the wisest choice to turn down the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad. A bad for a good certainly because it is difficult to imagine what the series would have looked like without Bryan Cranston. But then he’s married to Sarah Jessica Parker so somehow that makes up for it.

9. Audrey Fleurot

She was amazing in gears, that OK I grant you. But what happened in his filmo? The Real Life of Teachers, The Canterville Ghost or even more recently Haters alongside Kev Adams… ARRG! While we know that she is a genius actress, it fucks the female dog. Please give him a role at his height.

10. Jurassic Park’s T-Rex

He had a big role in his career, but this international success quickly went to his head. Already on the second part, he was completely drunk on the set, insulted the whole team, it was a mess without name.

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