Top 10 Actors Who Landed Roles The Funny Way

Succeeding or failing an audition for a role in a film is often down to a few things. Sometimes it’s even down to totally stupid, funny, arbitrary or even wacky stuff. It is this kind of story that we are going to tell you with undisguised pleasure. But we chose to tell you only the stories of those who had the roles for more pleasure. Pleasure is the most important. Have fun.

1. Kit Harington got the role of Jon Snow because he had a fight the night before

The BG of Game Of Thrones fought with another guy for the beautiful eyes of a girl the day before the auditions for the role of Jon Snow. And during the fight, no luck, he took a chestnut in the face. Suddenly, Harington showed up to the auditions with a black eye on his face, but instead of doing him a disservice, it helped him land the role. Nice blow (in the face) of fate.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

2. Katheryn Winnick went to a costume shop to get her role in Vikings.

Katheryn Winnick absolutely wanted to land the role of Lagertha Lothbrok, so she gave herself the means. The actress went to a costume shop and came out wearing Viking gear, just to get used to the outfit to be ready for the castings. Apparently it worked out well.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

3. Scott Glenn had his role in Apocalypse Now saving the life of Francis Ford Coppola

For the casting of the film, several candidates had to play a scene where they argued. That’s when Scott Glenn dropped a good big improvised repartee: “If you keep screaming like that, you’ll end up with a mortar shell on your knees in five seconds”. That pleased the casters, but that’s not what was decisive in the choice to give him a role. What especially played is that Scott Glenn saved the life of Coppola and other members of the team who were on a boat. The guy had sensed that if the boat remained anchored, it was going to tear apart very quickly. He immediately cut the rope, saving the entire crew at the same time. Coppola appreciated the gesture and promised Scott Glenn to give him a role. It was the least we could do, if you ask us.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

4. Elijah Wood got the role of Frodo while running in the wild

Even if Sam is the best character in Lord of the Rings, we still appreciate Frodo a little bit, and we have to admit that he is the greatest role in the trilogy. Suddenly, winning it was not given to everyone, and a priori especially not to Elijah Wood, since Peter Jackson initially wanted to give the roles of hobbits only to British actors. But that didn’t stop Elijah, who decided with a filmmaker friend to record a tape where he ran, disguised as a hobbit, in the hills. At the time, it was something that wasn’t done that much, and it really pleased Peter Jackson, who reconsidered his decision and hired him for 3 films. And what movies…

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

5. Chris Hemsworth got the role of Thor thanks to his mom

Chris and his brother Liam were competing for the role of Thor, and it was originally Liam who had the advantage after Chris failed in his first audition. Only, Liam ended up failing too, and Chris decided to give himself a second chance by re-recording a video. This time, he was helped by his mom who gave him the cue by taking on the role of Odin, and it worked since he was called back. All thanks to mom. And to her pretty face too anyway.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

6. George Lazenby got the role of James Bond by impersonating Sean Connery

Knowing that Connery had already gotten the role, Lazenby figured the best way to land him, too, was to do like his predecessor. So he had the same haircut as Connery and bought one of his old suits before showing up at the castings. And it worked. Like what the habit makes the monk a little. Or the secret agent, at least.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

7. Ty Simpkins had to scream to play in Jurassic World

Yes, he must have screamed. As he explained in an interview, he was made to recite his lines and then asked to shout. Not so illogical after all in a film where big dinos can eat you at any time.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

8. Anne Hathaway pretended she could ride a horse to get a role in Brokeback Mountain.

When someone asks you if you know how to ride a horse for a movie where you have to ride a horse and you want the part, you answer one thing: “yes”. That’s what Anne Hathaway did, but the illusion didn’t last long because she broke her neck on the first try. Despite everything, Ang Lee gave him the role, and no one had to complain too much afterwards.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

9. Harrison Ford landed the role of Han Solo fixing a broken door

Before finally breaking into the cinema, Harrison Ford also did the job of carpenter. That’s how he found himself one fine day repairing a door at Francis Ford Coppola’s when suddenly George Lucas walked by and bumped into him. Seeing him like that with his outfit and his tools, he thought that Ford would be pretty good in the role of Han Solo, and he offered to come and pass the castings. Suddenly, thanks to Coppola’s broken door, Harrison Ford became a star.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

10. James Michael Tyler got the role of Gunther from Friends because he already knew the barista job.

Yeah, the actor who plays the manager of Central Perk used to work at a coffee shop himself. He was originally going to be a simple extra on the show, but it turned out he was the only one who could operate the Central Perk coffee machine, so he was given the part. Life is sometimes extremely well done. As well made as this top of the hidden details in Friends.

Top 10 actors who landed roles the funny way

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