Top 10 Actors Who Have Taken Over Unreturnable Roles

Some characters in Cinema have become iconic for various reasons, such as those memorable roles with only a few minutes on screen, but generally, once a cult role is stuck on an actor it’s for life. So when we announce that one of our favorite characters is going to be played again by another actor, we start yelling and throwing peanuts at everyone. Except that sometimes the newbies do pretty well, like really not bad at all, and we invite you to see some examples.

1. Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky

Hard to believe that one day the legendary madmax of Mel Gibson would give his leather jacket and the steering wheel of his car to another actor. However it happened, and Tom Hardy is doing really well to make Gibson forget the time of the film. At the same time with George Miller behind the camera, we can imagine that he knew where he wanted to go and that it was in a big desert to blow up cars.

2. Freddie Highmore in Norman Bates shoes

For anyone who was traumatized by Anthony Perkins’ performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psychosis, it was hardly conceivable that someone would ever take over the role. That was before the series Bates Motel arrives with Freddie Highmore in the role of a young mother’s boy and it must be said that the young man is doing quite well all the same (in any case better than the people who meet Norman Bates in the series since he zigouille all the world).

3. Pretty much every guy who’s played James Bond (except the dumb Pierce Brosnan)

Well, it must be said that the role has gone through so many actors that it has become a bit of a trademark of the character, but still, when Daniel Craig was selected to do Casino Royale, many people yelled because he was blond with blue eyes and did not look like the image we had of him according to the standards, Sean Connery in the lead but also Pierce Brosnan. Yet the film still shut the mouth of a lot of haters because not only was it good, but Craig brought a more raw and less smooth side to the character which was refreshing.

4. Zachary Quinto as Mr Spock

Well, maybe a lot of fans will disagree on this point, but when Zachary Quinto donned Spock’s pointy ears in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” movie, it was still frankly not. poorly in its interpretation. And passing behind Léonard Nimoy should not have been an easy task so we had to dare it.

5. Karl Urban as Judge Dredd (after Stallone)

For those who still get chills hearing Sylvester Stallone’s voice actor scream “I’m the law!!” it was hard to imagine that one day another actor would take over the role of the policeman/judge from the future. Yet it was good old Karl Urban who had put on the helmet in the film dredd which was thoroughly violent, well paced and unfairly undercut. Good after I admit, the charm of Stallone who farts is completely irreplaceable.

6. The Joaquin Phoenix-style Joker

So here we are touching on a big piece, and for good reason, Heath Ledger’s Joker had made such an impression that when Jared Leto took over the role he had literally been screwed by unleashed fans on the internet. And then Joaquin Phoenix arrived after the battle to put everyone in agreement. Did someone have to pay for the broken pots in the meantime as a risk of making Ben Affleck between Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson in the role of Batman? Maybe, but Pheonix’s performance is still remarkable.

7. Sarah Paulson in Miss Ratched

If you’ve ever seen the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” you probably hated the character of the tyrannical Miss Ratched, played wonderfully by an Oscar-winning Louise Fletcher. Passing behind such an iconic performance clearly must have been no small feat for Sarah Paulson when she was offered the role in the series Ratched. No idea if she’s doing well, I haven’t looked. But according to a guy I met in the elevator who agreed to answer me, it wasn’t bad.

8. Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal Lecter

If the first actor to play Hannibal Lecter was actually Brian Cox in “Manhunter”, the one who literally stuck to the character for decades after playing him in three films remains the excellent Anthony Hopkins. Suddenly it must have been a bit hard for Mads Mikkelsen to take over the role of the cannibal for the “Hannibal” series, but in the end we have to admit that the guy is doing really, really well. Good after we will never see the end, that’s boring.

9. Childish Gambino saving Lando Calrissian

When the movie Solo came out, we were right to freak out about what was going to happen. If the resumption of the role of Han does not really pass, the famous character of Lando embodied by Billy Dee Williams in the trilogy Star Wars was taken over by Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and we are not going to lie to each other, he saves a good part of the film. A film that has clearly not been unanimous that said.

10. Walker Texas Ranger

When Jared Padalecki took over the role of the most famous Ranger in Texas, he had no idea how much it would convince everyone and make people forget Chuck Norris. No I’m kidding, it’s shit, there’s only one Walker Texas Ranger damn it. Look at this credits, it’s art, everything is perfectly in its place.

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