Top 10 actors who have strange clauses in their contracts

There is naturally a great opacity on the contracts of actors and somewhere it is normal because your employment contract, it is not exposed in the public square. That being said, when you’re a star people are really more interested in this kind of thing and here we give you some ultra slammed contract clauses from the underpants.

1. Steve McQueen quibbles over the number of words to say in the script

You should know that Steve had a little concern of jealousy. While Paul Newman is 5 years older than her, her ambition is to shine with at least as intense a glory. When the two actors meet on the set of La Tour Infernale in 1975, they are as well known as the other, two ultra virile stars who dominate the male model of the time. So when rereading the script, Steve McQueen demanded to get 12 more lines in order to have the same speaking time as his sidekick. Talk about a blabla story.

2. Samuel L. Jackson and his passion for golf

Being a huge fan of this “sport” (yeah I totally assume the quotes, stop telling me that golf is a real sport), the actor required in his contract to have access to play the golf at least twice a week while filming. Well frankly, nothing to be shocked by compared to the requirements of thunasses of some other big stars.

3. Queen Latifah is immortal

Queen Latifah has a problem, she is very good at playing death. This is why, after a remarkable performance in The price to pay she demanded not to see herself die on screen again. The explanation couldn’t be clearer: “If I die, I can’t play in a sequel”.

4. Jean Dujardin warms up so that his name is at the top of the bill

This clause appeared in particular for the shooting of the film A tall man, for which it was required that the actor see his name first on the poster (so before that of Virginie Efira). Moreover, for the film Ca$h it was also stipulated in his contract that “No member of the artistic or technical team will be treated better than the artist, both in terms of transport, expenses and filming amenities. ». Nice no? But I assure you it is a requirement that exists in almost all stars.

5. Franck Dubosc is BMWphobe

It was during the filming of Camping 3 that we discovered that Franckie required in his contract that all his trips be made in a sedan with no damage (but not a BMW). So don’t go offering him a ride in a Fiat Multipla. Neither in BMW either.

6. Steven Seagal and his perfect profile

Steven Seagal he is a bit like me, he has a bad profile and a god profile. And God is a bit like the person Steven Seagal thinks he is on a set, so much so that he himself directs the director on how he should film him. Thus, no plan filming her profile, or a plan showing the beginning of a double chin, and even less a plan that would suggest her hairpiece (yes…).

7. Roger Moore, pro smoker

One of the best 007 agents required on his shoots to have an unlimited supply of Cuban cigars. This is also how he popularized this model rather than the classic cigarette. However, he had to lower his standards when he started having health problems because smoking cigars is actually not good for your health.

8. Isabelle Huppert, bad mother

Playing in a film with Isabelle Huppert is pretty cool. Playing in a film with Isabelle Huppert when you’re Isabelle Huppert’s daughter is a little less cool. Especially when your mother demands that her name appear on the poster above the title and obviously before that of her daughter Lolita Chammah. That’s what happened on the movie Copacabana.

9. Jose Garcia

Do you remember with Jean Dujardin when we talked about the contract clause aiming for the actor to be the most favored on the set? Alright, it’s the same. As much to tell you that this starlet clause with an excessive ego is very common. On the film A fond, the actor’s contract stipulated thus “Any benefit whatsoever granted to anyone in terms of accommodation, transport, expenses, etc., and from which the artist would not benefit; will be assigned to it ispo facto. » Clearly, these actors would make very poor staff representatives.

10. Tom Cruise doesn’t let anyone run next to him

At least that’s what Annabelle Wallis revealed after filming The Mummy. Go figure, the actor known to be a little typed refuses to shoot scenes in which we see him running next to another person. It seems that he also refuses that his characters die, and you will indeed notice that the deaths of Tom Cruise in the movies are quite rare.

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