Top 10 actors who had no idea what movie they were in…

You might think like that that actors accept roles in major Hollywood films for the love of art, but not only. Sometimes it’s roles for a big fat check, other times roles for weird reasons and sometimes they just rudely agree to something because they had nothing else to do that day and that they don’t find out at all about the film they are making.

1. Judi Dench in “The Riddick Chronicles”

Vin Diesel absolutely wanted Judi Dench to play a significant role in The Riddick Chronicles and to achieve this he had his dressing room filled with flowers while she was shooting another film and invited him to dinner. The actress therefore accepted the project without reading the script and revealed in an interview a few years later that she had no idea what was happening in the film, the motivations of her character and that she doubted that many many people had looked at him. A great lady.

Top 10 actors who had no idea what movie they
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2. Danny Lloyd in “Shining”

The six-year-old actor who played Danny Torrance in shining had no fucking idea what he was doing and I really want to tell you fortunately. In several scenes we explained to him what he had to do without giving him the context, which is what we often do with kids in horror films. In others, a mannequin was actually used to simulate her presence, which may partly explain why Shelley Duvall, the actress, was traumatized by the role.

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3. Gwyneth Paltrow in the Marvel movies

She plays Tony Stark’s girlfriend and if I tell you that Gwyneth does it for the money and she doesn’t give a fuck you can believe me. After filming in not far from six MCU films, she found herself playing a scene from an Avengers part with Samuel L. Jackson, whom she asked what he was doing there. The actor replied that they had starred in several joint films and that he played Nick Fury and that’s when the team realized that she hadn’t even taken the time to read the casting sheet. of filming. You can imagine that the rest of the scenario she had not touched.

4. Leslie Howard in “Gone with the Wind”

Are you saying that this film was a bit titanic of its time, a huge planetary success which everyone agreed was a masterpiece. Everyone except one of its main actors, Leslie Howard, who hasn’t seen the movie, read the book, hated acting in it, hated the costumes and her character. He even said “may God help me if I have to read this book one day”. He had just accepted the role because the producer had promised him that he could help him become a producer himself.

5. Hugo Weaving in “Transformers”

The actor who plays Agent Smith in Matrix and Elrond in the Lord of the Rings was much less involved in his role as Megatron for the film transformers. Why ? Because he was doing it for the money, that’s all. “I just have my script and I have no idea what it’s about” is pure professionalism. The actor never went on set as he was just doing voice acting, which took him two hours to record and Skype calls with the director beforehand. Well done Hugo.

6. Marlon Brando in “Superman”

In the first film adapted from the Kryptonian superhero in 1978, Marlon Brando played the father of Clark Kent, or rather Kal-El (his real name). Brando didn’t know anything about the project and was so uninterested in the role (aside from the money) that he proposed that his character look like a talking bagel. And that’s not all, he didn’t want to learn his lines so we had to hold signs for him on set or write his lines on baby Kal-El’s diaper. This level of disrespect.

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7. Carrie Henn in “Alien 2”

If she was a little older than Danny Lloyd in shiningCarrie Henn was not very old when she shot the action movie Alien 2. The thing is that we didn’t necessarily explain everything to her when she was filming, to avoid freaking her out, but the coolest thing is that the actors in alien costumes came to play with her, talk to her and laugh between takes. So she really has great memories.

8. Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”

The possessed little girl played by the 13-year-old actress (according to her) had a great time on set. Looking back, she says she more or less understood what the story was about but didn’t realize at all how horrifying it was going to be on screen. That said, we still asked her to simulate a masturbation scene with a crucifix, which she didn’t understand at all at the time, and it’s quite uncomfortable.

9. Kanye West in “Anchorman 2: Living Legends”

Will Ferrell’s second movie about star presenters featured (like the first) a big fight scene between all the TV presenters in town. In this scene full of cameos we could see Kanye West trying his hand at the game. The thing is that on the set it was absolutely nonsense, he was playing songs from his next album between takes and we had to telling him to cut them when we were shooting, he had no real idea what to do and when he finished shooting his scenes he still stayed on set just to hang out with the crew. An enigma this man.

10. Kirsten Stewart in “Twilight”

You can tell me what you want, when you get to play with as much intensity as a sandbag, you don’t know what you’re doing on the set. I have no proof, but I’m sure Stewart had no fucking idea what she was doing and she would have decided whether to open or close her mouth instead of keeping it half open the whole time. time.