Top 10 actors who got fired after asking for a raise

Sometimes in life you take on a little too much confidence, like when you have succeeded in your first slot in the car and you try to park your minivan in a place where even a scooter does not fit. It happens to all of us, it’s a classic of the human and inevitably, it also happens to actors. Sometimes there are those who have been a little too greedy asking for a raise because they thought they were untouchable, but in the end no, they just got kicked out like old shit.

1. Sean Connery as James Bond

Since he was one of the first actors to take on the role of 007 (the very first being Barry Nelson) and the films were doing quite well, Connery began to think he was irreplaceable, so he asked for a million dollars and percentages of the takings to put on the silky suit again, which he was therefore denied before being replaced. Well after that he had been saying for a while that he was fed up so he preferred to go do other things like confess horrible things in an interview.

Top 10 actors who got fired after asking for a raise
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2. Marcus Chong: Matrix

It’s not necessarily the most important role in the movie Matrix and Marcus Chong is not necessarily a very well-known actor. But hey, he didn’t give a shit about it and clearly thought he was a big star since he refused the $250,000 salary to come back to the Matrix 2 and 3 movies asking for a million dollars and other stuff. So we told him it was not possible, so he accused the studio of having threatened him (when obviously he was the one who threatened the studio) and he tried to sue them but lost his trial. We have to go back down a bit, just because we had five lines in a big movie doesn’t mean we’re the new Christian Clavier.

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Top 10 actors who got fired after asking for a raise

3. Hillary Duff as Lizzie McGuire

While everything was going well for the young actress whose series was a success and the film was a hit at the Box Office, her mother, who was also her manager, began to ask for salary advances and a raise. After trying to make them understand that their demands were too high, Disney was forced to simply end the series and potential sequels in the cinema. Maybe that’s why we got Hannah Montana, which is one of the best Disney series, so that’s fine.

4. Crispin Glover: Back to the Future

The man who plays Marty’s father in the first film asked for a raise while the second film was being prepared. In an interview he revealed that the production had offered him a much lower salary than the other supporting roles and that they were clearly trying to release his character after he had proposed to change a few things in the script. When he asked to renegotiate, the producers then lowered the salary they had offered him by $25,000, which is still a bit of a signal that we didn’t want him.

5. Terrence Howard: Iron Man

Well, obviously the story is more complex than just asking for a raise because different versions of the story exist. It’s unclear if Terrence Howard got kicked out of the franchise after the first movie because of that or his dealings with Robert Downey Jr. Anyway, starting with the second Iron Man movie, it’s is Don Cheadle who takes over the role of James Rhodes and Howard was released.

7. Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim: Hawaii State Police

These two actors from the hit CBS series simply wanted equal pay to the other two stars of the show who had been paid more than them for seven seasons already. As a result, the channel simply decided to release the two actors from the start of season 8, the showrunner had even tweeted that Grace Park had decided to leave for family reasons, which went wrong since she simply left for because of his pay. Not very cool.

Top 10 actors who got fired after asking for a raise
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8. Bruce Willis: The Expendables 3

You may remember the affair as it started a small clash between Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis on Twitter. Basically Willis was to return in the third episode for four days of filming, for which he was to be paid $3 million. But he wanted a million dollars a day, or 4 million dollars. So well he got kicked out, don’t mess around with asking too much.

9. Rob Lowe: West Wing

In this series where he shared the poster with Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe saw his salary stagnate while that of Sheen continued to soar season after season. Quite logically it started to piss him off because well, it’s not really super nice to be the only jerk who never gets a raise. So he decided to get out of the series, or he got kicked out, it’s not very clear. But after he played in Parks and Recreations this beautiful kid so it’s cool.

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