Top 10 actors who do their own dubbing, it’s strong

When you’re an actor, what’s cool is that you act in movies. But when you are an actor AND in addition you speak several languages, you can not only act in films but also self-dub for the international in the languages ​​that you master. So we don’t have the strange surprise to discover by chance that a guy speaks with a funny voice in his place in other countries. Yep, that’s a definite plus.

1. Daniel Brühl

The guy started in dubbing in Germany before becoming an actor. As his mother is Spanish and his father German and he has lived a little in Spain, a lot in Germany and quite a bit in France (he speaks French very well), and well he doubles himself in a number of films. (not all). Ah yes, because he speaks good English too. In any case he doubles himself in German in The Ladies of Cornwall and Inglourious Basterds.

2. Christopher Lee

In addition to French and English (obviously), Christopher Lee spoke German very well, which allowed him to double himself in a number of films exported to our neighbors and nevertheless friends and nevertheless favorite opponents to the battle. This is particularly the case in The Last Unicorn, an animated one where Christopher Lee lends his voice, and of which he himself provided the German version.

3. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster speaks better French than you and I. Not without messing around, it’s impressive his level. She is by far one of the stars who speak French the best. As a result, she tends to double herself for the French versions of her films (this is the case in Maverick, Panic Room or Inside Man) even if some actresses were able to take over from time to time.

4. Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger speaks perfect French, English and German. Suddenly, she doubles more often than in turn. This is particularly the case in Troy, Mr. Nobody, Inglorious Basterds Where In the fade. It’s still really practical.

5. Juliette Binoche

The advantage of having a career in France and the United States is that when the American films in which we have shot come out in France, well, we don’t bother finding an actress to double what we did, we double ourselves. This is therefore the case of Juliette Binoche, as it is now that of Marion Cotillard.

6. Christoph Waltz

Decidedly, Inglorious Basterds must not have cost much in dubbing actors. Christoph Waltz is as well known in German-speaking as in English-speaking countries and speaks both languages ​​perfectly. His dubbing in German in Tarantino’s film is, according to some specialists, even funnier and disturbing than the original, because the actor, of Austrian origin, takes on an extremely bizarre accent which sets an atmosphere of immediate unease. Note that it is also him who ensures the dubbing of the French version (same for Django unchained).

7. Kristin Scott Thomas

If most of his career now takes place in France, Kristin Scott Thomas has nevertheless shot in a bunch of international films, such as The English Patient, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mission Impossible or Gosford Park. And it turns out that it is herself who duplicates herself in French in these three films, which is why I mentioned those. I’m smart, huh?

8. Antonio Banderas

Same: Banderas is as well known in Spain as in the United States and it is quite logically that it doubles in Spanish in most of the American films which are exported. But for the role of Puss in Boots, in Shrek, he went even further by providing his own dubbing in Spanish, Catalan and Italian.

9. Viggo Mortensen

The guy is fluent in Danish, English and Spanish. Suddenly, it doubles in all these languages. This is particularly the case for The Lord of the Rings. We will therefore have the chance to hear Aragorn with the same voice if we have the funny idea of ​​watching Lord of the Rings in Danish.

10. For some bizarre reason, Vin Diesel is doubling down in all languages ​​for Guardians of the Galaxy.

At the same time, it only has one line of text: I am Groot. So it’s quick to record in 1000 languages, but it’s still quite a weird idea to ask the actor to record all lines of text internationally when he doesn’t have a special command of languages.

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