Top 10 actors who became stars by chance, sacred stroke of luck

Life is sometimes full of surprises and accidents, that’s how we invented the Tatin pie, how we discovered the Loire Atlantique and how I got a job at Topito, a regrettable accident for you I’am aware. For some extremely well-known celebrities, fame has arrived when they didn’t really plan on becoming so well-known, and we’ll give you a few examples right now.

2. Natalie Portman spotted in a pizzeria at age eleven

She was coming out of a dance class, she was eating a pizza in a pizzeria (already the tastes of luxury at eleven years old, what a diva) and an agent came to speak to her family to offer her to do some modeling, to which she replied that she preferred to be an actress. A few years later she had an Oscar, like hanging out in pizzerias can take you far.

Top 10 actors who became stars by chance sacred stroke
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

3. Jason Statham was spotted selling fake jewelry

The Jason had a hell of a life before becoming an actor, if he had worked as a model for a while he was mostly on the streets of London selling fake jewelry and contraband items like perfume to make money. ‘silver. As he had a good face and that he was likeable, we introduced him to director Guy Ritchie who was preparing “Scam, crime and botany” and he decided to take Statham to play a dealer in fake jewelry. A role that clearly projected him to the front of the stage and got him off the streets once and for all.

4. Keira Knightley became famous thanks to Nathalie Portman

Basically she was scouted because she looked vaguely like Natalie Portman, so she was offered to be her understudy on the movies Star Wars. So. Really that’s the story because then she had real roles and since then she has been playing in perfume commercials.

5. Anya Taylor-Joy was walking her dog in a park.

When she was 16 and walking her dog a black van started following her down the street so naturally she started running and a guy yelled at her “if you stop you won’t regret it” . Suddenly she stopped and in fact it was an agent not at all sleazy to follow 16-year-old girls in a black van who offered her work. Maybe review his methods, sir.

6. Mel Gibson got the role of Mad Max while taking a buddy to an audition.

While he was just giving a hand to a friend by dropping him off at an audition, he caught the eye of director George Miller who was preparing madmax. He had been beaten up the night before in a bar and had punch marks on his face, which was authentic for the film’s anti-hero and he was the one who finally got the role. Without it you would never have seen her ass in Bravehearta film with filming blunders in it, but a good film.

7. Rosario Dawson was chilling outside her house.

At 15, Rosario Dawson saw a commercial being shot downstairs and decided to go and see it by sitting on the porch of her house. After a while the director Larry Clark spotted her and came to ask her if she was interested in acting in a film, which she accepted. At the same time, if she had said no and had not made a career, you can imagine at this stage of the top that she would have nothing to fuck in this list or in that of the actors spotted in the street.

8. Vin Diesel was caught breaking into a theater

When he was seven years old and had already won a bare-knuckle fight against an adult bear from North America, Vin Diesel illegally broke into a theater with some friends to fuck up the mess. A director caught him but instead of calling the cops she decided to give him a small role in a play, probably she was afraid of him since at seven years old he already had the strength of three Dwaynes Johnson.

9. Matthew McConaughey

For once the good old Matthew wanted to become an actor, but his career had not really started and his girlfriend at the time had dragged him to a dinner where he met a producer who liked him and decided to put him in touch with Richard Linklater, the director of Dazed and confused, the film that launched his career. You have already met a producer who made you play in Dazed and confused at a dinner you?

10. Charlize Theron was spotted arguing with her banker

She was about to turn 19 and slept in a seedy hotel and her survival literally depended on a check her banker wouldn’t cash. So she started to argue with her interlocutor until a man arrived to lend her a hand. She cashed her check and the gentleman in question, being an agent, put her in touch with casting companies. Since then she is one of the best actresses in the world.

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