Top 10 actors harassed because of a role, when you have trouble telling movies from…

Should we separate the man from the artist? In any case, you have to separate the actor from the role, since it’s the whole principle of a role to be played by someone who has a life outside the film set. A not-so-subtle subtlety that seems to bug some of the world’s population, which in real life harasses actors and actresses for something they did on screen.

1. Arturo in La Casa de papel, threatened with death

Enrique Arce, who plays Arturo (the somewhat cowardly guy who plays smart) in Money Heist has received death threats since the series aired. Written and oral: he is insulted every day, wherever he goes, by people in the street, in addition to the letters he receives directly at home. But apparently it makes him laugh. According to him, this is proof that he succeeded in his performance.

2. Podrick of GoT, sexually assaulted by women

A recurring comic spring in the series that continuously suggests that he is an ultra-bruil good shot, Podrick (Daniel Portman in real life) would do well without this reputation as a sex machine. Because in real life, it’s hell: women don’t hesitate to grab his crotch like that, in public, without asking, without consent. And he no longer knows what to do to make it stop because, when he asks them not to do that, they don’t listen to him. That’s sexual assault my Podrick.

3. Jar Jar Binks, 20 years of nightmare

Guilty in the eyes of the fans for having played Jar Jar Binks, Ahmed Best took it seriously when the film was released and, since then, it has not gone away. In a 2018 tweet, he said: “20 years ago I faced media harassment that screwed up and continues to screw up my career. This is where I almost ended it. It’s still just as difficult to talk about it today. I survived and now this little guy is the gift that life gave me. He’s not the only actor whose life has been destroyed by a movie.

4. Walter Peck in Ghostbusters, or how to attract everyone’s animosity

William Atherton played Walter Peck, the fat bastard in Ghostbusters. And it followed him for years. Regularly, guys stopped him in the street and threatened to hit him, even tried to hit him. It must also be said that Atherton is used to the roles of asshole (in Piège de Cristal, he plays Richard, Holly’s cowardly macho and idiot colleague.

5. Eugene in Walking Dead even ended up filing a complaint

In the series, Eugene, the cowardly scientist played by Josh McDermitt, swears allegiance to Negan. From there, the actor was literally invaded by insulting emails and death threats, so much so that he ended up filing a complaint because his life was becoming hell.

6. Melisandre in GoT, the stake that does not pass

After the episode in which Shireen, Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, was burned to death on Melisandre’s advice, Carice Van Houten, who plays the Scarlet Witch, was the target of a whole host of death threats, online insults and in the street, brief harassment as a rule. And when Melisandre brought Jon Snow back to life, she started getting messages again, love this time. People are really dumb dumb dumb. So stubby that every week we select the most stubby people for you.

7. Skyler in Breaking Bad

Anna Gunn plays Skyler in Breaking Bad. And frankly, she probably has the only absolutely virtuous role in the series. But that was not the opinion of the fans who probably blamed him for not saying “yes yes you are awesome” to Walter all the time and began to inundate him with death threats. In an op-ed for The New York Times, Anna Gunn recounts how, surreptitiously, hatred against Skyler turned into hatred against the actress with death threats that forced her to step up security for herself and her family.

Top 10 actors harassed because of a role, when you have trouble telling movies from...
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.0): Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

8. Monty in 13 Reasons why

In the series, the character of Monty is old shit: perverted, arrogant, rapist, stalker, violent. Some old shit they tell you. Viewers once again naturally equated Monty with Timothy Granaderos, the actor who plays him. The harassment has mostly focused on Instagram. Granaderos received several hundred insults and death threats, so much so that the other actors in the series had to make public statements to explain that Monty and Granaderos were not one and the same person but a role and his actor, all with great reinforcements from #TimisnotMonty.

9. Olly in GoT, guilty of killing Jon Snow

Olly is the little kid who betrays Jon Snow and kills him in season 5. And that, the fans have not forgiven him: the day after the series aired, Brenock O’Connor, 15 years old at the was the subject of an absolutely insane hate campaign initiated by a tweet addressed to him which soberly said: “I’m going to kill you and your family, I’m going to rape your bodies and feed them to my dogs. But O’Connor lets it go. Like Enrique Arce, he considers it a rather good sign: it means he is playing well.

10. Coluche, threatened with death because of Inspector la bavure

At the very beginning of Inspector la bavure, a preliminary card announces: “Any resemblance to a story that would have happened to others, well… That’s no reason to bother us. “But “Honor of the police”, a far-right group that claimed responsibility for the assassination of Pierre Goldman and guilty of sending death threats to Bernie Bonvoisin was not the type not to bother people. Considering that the role played by Coluche dishonored the police, they began to send him death threats accompanied by small coffins in envelopes. At the time, Coluche was already the target of a number of threats following his declaration of presidential candidacy.

When we see the film today, we think above all that Coluche plays badly.

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