Top 10 actors and actresses who refuse nude scenes

When we watch a film we sometimes see performances by actors who lay themselves bare in front of us, pushing the limits of what they can or think they can play. If this remains an image to talk about game performances, there are also some films where the actor or actress is asked to play naked, truly naked and some completely refuse to do so. So you’re given a list of those who say no, because it’s their body and they want to keep it private.

1. Anna Kendrick

The actress, who has been seen more and more for the past ten years, categorically refuses to play naked in front of the camera. If she has no problem with doing a sex scene in a movie, she doesn’t want her private parts to appear in the picture. It’s her choice and she’s right, so respect it, you bastards.

2. Julia Roberts

The actress who generally remains attached to the roles of strong women does not really want to find herself naked on screen. If in an interview she said that as a mother she felt uncomfortable with the idea, there’s no real reason to give in real life, she doesn’t want to and that’s fine.

3.Samuel L. Jackson

The actor has previously said that if anyone wanted to cast him, they would have to hire a “dummy stunt double.” He is quite concerned by what the public might think of such a scene and would not want to send back a negative image by showing himself frontally naked. A man full of wisdom, this Samuel, which alone is a sign that we are in a Tarantino film.

4. Jessica Alba

“I don’t want my grandparents to see my boobs.” Here’s what we can learn from Jessica Alba’s response to the idea of ​​doing nudes on screen. She said no and that’s fine for her. She would not be closed to the idea of ​​doing nudes if it really served the film, and as she says “I’m not sure that the films I’ve been in would have been better if I had been naked” .

5. Megan Fox

The actress whose whole film is based on her body (Jennifer’s Body) refuses to play naked and even slowed down her career at one time because she was offered bimbos roles where she had to take off her top. She had therefore declared that she did not want to do these kinds of scenes and that her sons would see them. Like what, if actors have accepted roles for strange reasons, some have refused for obvious reasons.

6. Jamie Dornan

The 50 Shades of Gray lead actor is clearly not keen on getting naked in a movie. If there had even been rumors that he had been offered more money to appear naked in the trilogy, he had denied the whole story. “We don’t do porn, even though that’s what a lot of people think. I can confirm that it’s not porn, without wanting to go too far, I’m pretty well versed on the subject.

7. Blake Lively

“If I watch the movies and someone has their breasts showing, that’s all I watch. » These words are not from me but from Blake Lively in person who therefore refuses to do nudes because she would be too afraid that people would stare at her body and completely disconnect from the plot. A good analysis and she is right.

8. Mila Kunis

The actress had confided in an interview that when she was promoting a film at the start of her career, the director had asked her to pose half-naked for a photo shoot, which Kunis had completely refused. The man would then have told her that her career would not work at all if she did not accept this kind of thing. He must be biting the yuks now, the poor guy.

9. Ricky Gervais

“People clearly won’t be interested. Probably the best answer to this whole question, who cares if actors and actresses get naked in movies, that clearly doesn’t make good movie shit better and I dare you to name a film that is good because it shows a naked actor or actress.

Top 10 actors and actresses who refuse nude scenes
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10. Christina Hendricks

The actress who had started as a model and had shone in the series madmen has always refused to play naked because she would not feel comfortable at all. If she admits to having no problem with her nudity in front of her husband or at home, she just wants it to remain private and once again, she is right not to force herself.

You will notice that there is still a huge majority of women in the top, which denounces a Hollywood practice that generally concerns the female sex.

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