Top 10 actors and actresses who play in all teen series

In the series of our childhood, we always found the same actors who played the same roles in all the shows. There was the one who played a high school student at 28, the one who still played the main character’s mother, and the actors who played extras in 30 different shows. Funny thing is, that’s still the case in teen shows today. If you’ve never seen these faces, you clearly haven’t spent enough time watching TV.

1. Ross Butler, the eternal high school student

Ross Butler is the guy you see everywhere these days. He’s 31 but still plays quarterbacks in high school and everyone thinks that’s normal. He played Zach Dempsey in 13 Reasons Why but also Nathan in Teen Wolf and Reggie Mantle in Riverdale. It can also be seen in the teen movie series To all the boys on Netflix.

2. McKenna Grace, Hollywood’s new darling

Mckenna Grace is a 15-year-old American actress who has already acted in around twenty films and around thirty series; she was only 7 when she first filmed. We have seen her in several horror films but also in many series for teens like Vampire Diaries, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, once upon a time, Agent KC and The House Party: 20 years later. We also saw it in The Handmaid’s tales but it has nothing to do with a series for teenagers.

3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the most badass of them all

Everyone knows Jeffrey Dean Morgan from his role as Negan in The Walking Dead but he played in many series before that. We have obviously seen it in Newport Beach but also in supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy and Shameless.

4. Jane Lynch, the bad coach

If Jane Lynch’s face means nothing to you, you probably had a disastrous childhood where you played outside instead of watching TV for 6 hours straight. In Glee, she was Sue Sylvester, the evil coach who wants to destroy the Glee Club, but the actress has appeared in dozens of other series. She was the nurse in Gilmore Girls and seven at homethe psychologist in My uncle Charlie and the headmaster in Veronica Mars. Jane Lynch was also part of the cast of Dawson, Arrested Development, monks, Friends, Desperate Housewives and iCarly. You understand better why his face is familiar to you.

5. Disney Channel Teen Chloe Bridges

The big smile of Chloe Bridges remained etched in the memories of children of the 2000s. If you grew up with Disney Channel, you surely remember Dana Turner, the daughter of the director of Camp Star in Camp Rock 2. After this film, the actress did not stop and starred in such series as New Girl, The Carrie Diaries and pretty Little Liars.

6. Kate Walsh, our mother to all

Kate Walsh has played mommy roles in several teen dramas but it’s in 13 Reasons Why that she marked the spirits. Before that, she played Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy and then continued with the role of Director of the Commission in Umbrella Academy and Madeline Wheeler in Emily in Paris.

7. Adina Porter, multitasking

Adina Porter is a very gifted actress who has several strings to her bow (at the same time it’s very difficult to do archery with a single arrow). She played the role of Nandi LaMarche in Vampire Diariesa history teacher in GleeDr. Ramsey in Grey’s Anatomy and Sheriff Peterkin in Outer Banks. Above all, it is surely his role of Indra in the series The 100 which is remembered.

8. Chad Michael Murray, the handsome guy

If you have never seen The Scott brothers, you missed Chad Michael Murray in his best role: that of Lucas Scott, the misunderstood handsome kid from Tree Hill High School. Since one teen series is never enough, the actor also played Tristan in Gilmore GirlsCharlie in Dawson and more recently Edgar, the guru of the weird sect in Riverdale.

9. Adam Brody

Adam Brody is an American actor who is best known for his role in the incredible Jennifer’s Body but he also starred in three of the cult series of the 2000s: Smallville, Gilmore Girls and Newport Beach.

10. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is the kind of actress who always plays secondary characters in series. Every time we see her, we say to ourselves “But I know her, what did she play in? and luckily, we’re here to answer that question. Rachel Bilson played Colleen in buffy the vampire slayersummer in Newport BeachChristy in That ’70s Show and Cindy, Tracy’s roommate in How I Met Your Mother.

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