Top 10 actor requests abused to accept a role, those who are not shy

When an actor is in a strong position with a studio, he can afford to ask for a lot of things that the producers will accept because they are usually greedy and ready to do anything to get what they want. We had already spoken to you about the actors who have negotiated their contract well, there it is a bit the same except that the requests were so abused that they could not even believe it when they were accepted.

1. Jackie Chan and the immeasurable demands for “Rush Hour 3”

If you ask which movie Jackie Chan likes the least of his career, he will probably answer you rush hour. That’s why when the producers came to ask him to play in the third installment, he simply asked for 15 million dollars, 15% of the box office receipts and the distribution rights outside the United States, which in the end made over 55 million dollars thinking they were going to refuse (but they accepted). And we don’t dare ask if we can go pee during a job interview.

2. Whoopi Goldberg and the incredible requests to make “Sister Act 2”

Just after the colossal and surprise success of the first Sister act (231 million dollars in revenue for 31 million budget) the producers quite logically decided to make a sequel to surf on the success. And that’s when Whoopi felt she could ask for a lot of money: she asked for 7 million dollars for the role (which made her the highest paid actress of the year) and especially that the studio is financing its next film and that’s a big demand. Everything was accepted but the film was a big flop, too bad.

3. Robin Williams demanded a million dollars and a public apology from Disney for “Aladdin 3”

The actor doubled the voice of the genius in the first film and he was replaced in the second by the voice actor of Homer Simpson, which he did not appreciate too much. To make the third film (available on VHS when it was released, you know) the producers absolutely wanted Williams back, which the actor refused except for a million dollars and an apology from the studio for having replaced him in the second movie. And the studio accepted, which is normal since when you talk to Robin Williams you accept what he asks.

4. Johnny Depp robbed Disney for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5”

Knowing full well that he was THE STAR of the saga, Johnny Depp started to get a little too greedy, to the point of asking not only for big percentages on the receipts but also for 20 million dollars in salary. You’re going to say that it’s still ok for such a big star, the problem is that he wasn’t crazy to arrive on time on the set and that we had to hire someone to monitor him day and night (especially in terms of alcohol consumption).

5. Alec Guinness Demands Double George Lucas’ Proposed Salary and 2% Star Wars Royalties

Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi) didn’t believe the movie for a second Star Wars when he negotiated to play in it. George Lucas wanted him so much that he gave him all his demands: double the salary offered at the base and give him 2% of his royalties. He even agreed to her other request not to promote the film at all, and the actor reportedly made over 100 million from the royalties alone since, as you’re probably aware, the film made a hit.

6. Liam Neeson took the confidence for “Taken 3”

While his salary for the first film was “only” $1 million, Liam Neeson asked for $15 million to do the second and $20 million to do the third. At the same time, you should know that the very first film in the saga had brought in 226 million dollars for a 25 million budget, there was enough to burn a little. But from there to multiply by 20 his salary was particularly daring.

7. Jim Carrey asked for some pretty boring stuff to star in “Man on the Moon”

In the film where he plays Andy Kauffman, the actor completely freaked out. He asked people to call him Andy when he played Kauffman and Tony when he played scenes from the real Andy Kauffman’s alter ego: Tony Cliffton. The thing is that he started to confuse everyone: we had to address him on the basis that he was three people at the same time: Jim, Andy and Tony and that we shouldn’t ask to one of these people something that we wanted to say to another, we had to wait for this person to “come on the set”. Hell.

8. Marlon Brando did Marlon Brando on the set of “The Island of Doctor Moreau”

At the time when you had an actor like Marlon Brando in a project you had to bend to all his wishes. Before the filming of “The Island of Doctor Moreau” he asked for several things: that a small person always be present with him in each scene, that a bucket of iced water be placed on his head in all the scenes outside and that his character is made up in white because he had asked that his character be allergic to the sun. For no fucking good reason.

9. Ben Affleck and the “Gone Girl” cap problem

Small bend in the rule because this story happened DURING filming and not during negotiations, but basically Ben Affleck flatly refused to wear a Yankees team cap for his role because he is a fan of the Red Sox in real life. It sounds stupid said like that, because you could tell yourself that it was just for a role, but the guy didn’t want to hear anything and the shooting simply stopped for several days because of that until the actor and the director agree on the cap of a third team.

10. Amanda Seyfried spent her ‘Alpha Dog’ audition asking to be let go (crying)

Well, that’s a bit off topic, but it’s still a rather unusual request, if not abused. The actress ended up skipping the casting call because of her agent and broke down in tears in front of the director asking if she could go home because she had no desire to end up in her shitty movie . But the director started talking, asking her why she thought the project sucked, and he managed to convince her to accept the role.

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