Top 10 activities to do with your children to make them feel on vacation

In case you didn’t know, it’s the height of summer. Two months of school holidays for the brats while you continue to sweat at the office. While waiting to be able to hang out by the pool, cocktail in hand, here are some tips to give your children’s weekends a taste of vacation that will inevitably rub off on you too!

1. Ride a scooter in the parking lot of a closed Leclerc

You had come to pick up the Drive shopping for a weekend with your group of friends but hadn’t seen that, due to a public holiday, they were closing earlier? Ouh, that smells like a lose moment. But don’t panic, take the scooters out of the trunk of the car and let your children ride at will! There is no one, no danger, immediately it relaxes. We would almost let ourselves be lulled by the noise of the wheels tickling the asphalt if it weren’t for these shrill cries of childish excitement above…

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Picture credits: Topito

2. Wear your best beach outfit every day

You may have stashed it at the top of the wardrobe, but your little rascal has spotted the 50 protection UV protection T-shirt and is clamoring for it and (above all) shouting. Never mind, let him go to school with it. And to polish up the outfit, remember to add the flowered hat and sunglasses. He will obviously return without them when you pick him up in the evening, too bad.

3. Running in the rain in stormy weather

Heavy heat and gray skies on the horizon? The perfect weather to swap raincoats and rain boots (so 2012!) for a terry cloth beach poncho and sandals. With a little imagination, it’s almost like being in a tropical country coming back from the beach to reach the vacation rental.

4. Play in the trunk of the car

Yes, it’s a bit creepy said like that, but imagine children still very young, a trunk obviously wide open and under your supervision… Let them play there with a yellow vest and a broken half-windshield wiper, you have enough easy 2h cushy. Especially since they will appreciate the transgressive side of this unusual activity very much in tune with the holiday spirit. And then, getting stuck in the car is a bit like traffic jams on the sunny highway. But without the tolls, whoo!

5. Squat the photo booth at an uncrowded train station

Who says holidays abroad says identity papers and renewal of photos! An adjustable stool, a curtain, buttons to press and even a voice giving instructions, frankly, some would have fun with less than that. And if you close your eyes, you will already visualize the guy at customs staring insistently at you and going back and forth between you and the passport he has in his hand, before giving it back to you with an impassive air. Welcome!

6. Sleeping on the floor at night

We tell you, the pleasure of vacations when you are a kid, even before the destination (which is much more important to parents, God bless the concept of all-inclusive), is to be able to do what you wouldn’t do the rest of the year. So we remove the mattresses from the beds and stick them all on the floor to create a little summer camp atmosphere. It doesn’t seem like much, but right away you want to tell stories under the duvet with a flashlight. On the other hand, who is the madman who brought wood to make a fire in the room?

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7. Picnic in the hallway

Yes because picnicking in a park, in summer, we know that. While if you choose a more or less narrow corridor, it immediately sets the scene for the plane. The tighter you feel and the more everyone will struggle to fit their meal on the tiny tray in front of them, the easier it will be to tell themselves that you are flying over the Atlantic Ocean towards Martinique. On the other hand the first one who applauds because the plane did not crash goes to the di-rect corner!

8. Prepare your suitcase

What could be more exciting to project yourself into the holidays than packing your suitcase? So yes, okay, you’ll have to put everything away afterwards and this suitcase that you won’t have supervised will have as much consistency as Uncle Jean-Mi’s speech and his 4g of alcohol in his blood at cousin Anne-Cécile’s wedding. But that’s also the charm of the holidays…

9. Draw or write your postcard

What if your children imagined the ideal vacation for you? Depending on their age, they can draw the map or even simply imagine their summer before they even experience it. With a bit of luck, you hold in your hands the scenario of a new “Grease” or “Dirty Dancing”. Well there’s still more chances that it will end in Alad’2 but everyone has the right to dream…

10. Invent the new summer hit

So you’re going to end up crying exploitation, well, what’s the harm in encouraging the overflowing imagination of our little cherubs while taking our little com ‘in the process? Legend has it that Crazy Frog stole his hit “Axel F” when he heard children playing in their garden while the parents were finishing up an urgent report. And since we were afraid of not having succeeded in shoving this sh*t in your head, look, it’s a gift!

As you will have understood, holidays are above all a state of mind, a little will and a lot of imagination. Emmanuel Macron has succeeded in making people believe that he was on the left at one time. So let’s go, we close our eyes and happy fake holidays to all!

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