Top 10 Absurd Stuff That’s Sexualized When It Makes No Sense

We talk more and more about ordinary sexism and frankly, it was about time. The body of women (and even little girls) has always been sexualized but for a very long time this was considered the norm. Today, breastfeeding your child in a public place still poses a problem and it becomes tiring. The worst thing is that many everyday objects have been sexualized without anyone really knowing why and it’s time to grow up a bit.

1. The pussies

The word “pussy” is so connoted that it has almost lost its original meaning. Whether you’re 15 or 35, you always laugh to yourself when someone introduces you to their cat and says “that’s my cat.” Leave the felines alone damn it, you should be able to talk about your female cat without leering back.

2. female dogs

Just like the word “pussy”, the word “female dog” has been completely diverted from its original meaning. It is even used today more as an insult than to designate a female dog, it is frankly indecent.

3. Women’s tennis

No one has ever sexualized the cries of men who play tennis and yet they do too much (it’s abused). On the other hand, as soon as two women face each other on a field, everyone nudges each other with a fat laugh.

4. Pineapple juice

Since the dawn of time, a legend tells that pineapple juice would give a sweet taste to sperm. So obviously, a lot of people have tried for the experiment, it’s important to advance science. Opinions differ but pineapple juice has connotations.

5. Bananas

Since elementary school, you’ve gotten into the habit of cutting your banana into pieces instead of biting into it. We don’t even know why anymore, but we feel compelled to make unfunny jokes every time we see a phallic fruit or vegetable. There are bananas of course, but also eggplants, cucumbers and even carrots. Not cool for the snowman’s nose.” cc=”” url=”” ]Top 10 absurd stuff that's sexualized when it makes no sense

6. Red LEDs

You thought red lights were associated with horror movies? Know that not at all. If you have LEDs in your bedroom, the red light is there to create a subdued atmosphere before coitus. In any case, that’s the reputation we give him.

7. Gray joggers

Originally, joggers were made for sports (who remembers?). Today, they are mainly used to chill as much as possible, but some joggers fall out of this category. Indeed, gray jogging has for some time had the reputation of existing only to reveal its shapes and no one has really understood why.

8. Tie your hair up

At 14, prepubescent boys’ favorite prank is to mimic fellatio when a girl in their class ties her hair up. And yes, because teenage girls do not do buns for practicality but only to give pleasure to a man, it is well known.

9. Lollipops and popsicles

Men and women, at 13 and 30, sexual remarks to someone licking ice cream or sucking on a lollipop always seem to make people laugh. Let us eat our Pirulo Fuzz ice cream like 6 year olds guys!

Top 10 absurd stuff that's sexualized when it makes no sense

10. Olivier Véran’s shoulder

The guy was getting vaccinated and the whole of France fantasized about his biceps. We live in wonderful times my friends.

The French language is changing what do you want, everything is going down the drain… Besides, there are plenty of words that have changed meaning since the first confinement and nothing will ever be the same again.

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