Top 10 2000s fashions that are coming back are scary

Everyone knows that fashions always come back, it’s like a big loop or a vicious circle when it comes to 2000s fashion. 70s clothes came back in fashion, then 80s and 90s clothes and today, unfortunately, it’s the turn of the 2000s. We know it’s hard to live with but we have no choice and the worst is yet to come: soon, it will be the turn of the 2010s. And no one wants to see that.

1. Peach skin tracksuit

The tracksuit ensemble was a 2000s must-have, but the peachskin ensemble was probably the coolest of them all. It was often pink and matched with a faux croc bag and a little chihuahua. Today, peach skin is resurfacing for an unmissable chic pajama look.

Top 10 2000s fashions that are coming back are scary
Picture credits: Mean Girls – Paramount

2. The Crocs

We’ve all judged the Crocs at some point. In the 2000s, people wore them out of laziness to wear real shoes and to air their stinky feet like in Geox. And then, Justin Bieber started wearing Crocs with cute little charms on them and that’s when everything changed.

3. The thong that protrudes from the pants

It was probably the pinnacle of vulgar, the equivalent of the Freegun protruding from the baggy, and we were so glad to see that fad disappear. But not forever, since she’s back. At the moment, you can even buy pants with a built-in protruding thong. Progress is beautiful.

4. The beaded telephone jewel

When the first cell phones hit the high school market, the goal was to have the smallest phone with the most charms on it. We had keychains and trinkets dangling around until cell phones grew, and so did we. We have long given up on phone jewelry but since this year, they are making a strong comeback among teenagers. They say it’s for holding the phone, like a wrist strap, but we all know it’s for looks.

5. Baguette bags

In the 2000s, the imitation crocodile baguette bag was everywhere. And then, without being able to say goodbye to him, he slowly but surely disappeared. Luckily, it’s been back for a few years and today it’s the most fashionable bag among 19-year-old bourgeois.

6. Bandanas

Even though the bandana never completely disappeared, it was banned from cities for over 10 years. We saw him at festivals, on the beaches or during business school integration weekends, but that’s about it. But that’s it, it’s making a comeback and to tell the truth, we’re a bit happy.

7. Colorful sunglasses

The 2000s was the decade of 2-ball trinkets and market-bought junk accessories. So it was time to wear different sunglasses every day and they had to have an original shape or a nice color. The following years, we tried to be a little more chic with super expensive but just as ugly Ray-Bans and today, it’s the return of gimmicky glasses.

8. Jeans with jeans

For a long time, we wanted to renounce the style of the 2000s by formally prohibiting certain clothes. The white jeans, the tunic over the leggings and the full denim outfit were to disappear from our closets forever. Fortunately, tunics and ballet flats are still banned, but jeans + jeans are gradually making a comeback in society.

9. The Buffalos

The Buffalos were THE shoes you had to have if you were a teenager in the 2000s. Of course, you also needed a Longchamp or Vanessa Bruno bag, but the Buffalos gave you the ultimate style. Today, they’re back in fashion as if they had never left and we think that’s pretty cool.

10. The sleeveless sweater

The top of the bobo trend is the sleeveless sweater. There are thousands of them on Vinted and in thrift stores but, we say it loud and clear, you have to accept that it can’t suit everyone. You have to have a certain style so that it’s not ridiculous.

11. Shark TNs

The TN shark is probably the ugliest shoe of the creation but it is especially this color, this vile electric blue, which makes it so terrible. Without knowing why, the TNs are back and we all want to hide to escape them.

12. The Von Dutch Cap

We missed her so much…

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