Tomorrow is ours: why did Anna suddenly become a shrink? The producer of …

Back in “Tomorrow belongs to us” for a few episodes, Anna (Maud Baecker) surprised everyone by giving up journalism to become a psychiatrist in the hospital. The artistic producer of the series explains the reasons for this change.

Tomorrow is ours: why did anna suddenly become a shrink? The producer of...
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For several weeks now, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us have been vibrating to the rhythm of the plot “Broken Heart”, in which Victoire (Solène Hébert) is subject to visions following her heart transplant, and does everything to find Roxane (Raphaele Volkoff) and Judith (Alice Varela), who were kidnapped by a mysterious kidnapper who may well be responsible for the death of Emilie, Victoire’s donor.

But the past week was also marked by the great return of Anna (Maud Baecker) to Sète, after several months of absence. And if his reunion with Karim (Samy Gharbi) promises to be complicated to say the least, between a desire for a baby that arrives at the wrong time and the temptation of Jim, a photographer who does not leave Anna indifferent, it is rather the professional retraining of Chloe’s sister who surprised TF1 viewers.

Indeed, after years spent in journalism – it is moreover for the needs of a report that she was absent again from Sète, in order to justify the fact that Maud Baecker was shooting the series Love (almost) perfect for France 2 – Anna has finally decided to change her career to become a psychologist! A position that she now occupies at Saint-Clair hospital, as we learned from the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Thursday evening on TF1.

Rather sudden, this reconversion is however in the DNA of the character of Anna according to Marc Kressmann, the artistic producer and collection director of Demain belongs to us, who explained to us that the character played by Maud Baecker had always been “in the human” and that this new career as a psychiatrist made it possible to renew the prospects for Anna and to give even more space to the Saint-Clair hospital, in particular during the police intrigues of the soap opera.

“We wanted to do something else with Anna, to get her out of journalism, and to integrate her into the hospital”, confides Marc Kressmann. “We said to ourselves that a shrink in the hospital could be interesting. It was quite natural in her career, because of her career as a journalist and her past fights. We remember that at the very beginning of Tomorrow belongs to us, when she returned to Sète after all these years, she wore real fights. Anna has always been in the human “.

Tomorrow is ours: why did anna suddenly become a shrink? The producer of...
Screenshot / TF1

“And what they say is that she first studied psychology and then turned to journalism, which is not so surprising because there can be links between the two when you think about it. We really wanted to tell that “, continues Marc Kressmann, before teaser that the new work of psychologist of Anna will be at the center of the next arch of the series, devoted to Anna, Karim, and Jim, and which will begin in ten days.

“We start with a fairly strong plot, in which Anna will be involved in a central way. And then we will see her regularly take care of patients during police intrigues in particular, the famous” intrigues A “of Tomorrow belongs to us”.

And when asked if the closure of Infos Sète in the series more than a year ago also made the journalistic intrigues in the series more complicated, Marc Kressmann admits that he is anyway, according to him, enough complicated to deal with journalism in French series.

“I was not directly confronted with the lack of Infos Sète because I arrived on the series a few months ago, but I think that the writers have dealt a lot with journalism in recent years. plus the boss of Infos Sète, there was no longer that arena “.

“It’s quite difficult to talk about journalism on French television. There are one or two journalist characters in Plus belle la vie or Un Si Grand Soleil, but we don’t show much of the writing of a website or a newspaper. We saw it a bit in Ben. We can also go back to Reporters, of course, on Canal +. But it is not widely covered in France. I had done an episode of Candice Renoir around a journalist who was doing a kind of immersion in the police station, but you couldn’t see her work environment. She worked for a site, an app, and I think that’s kind of journalism today “.

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