Tomorrow is ours: who really tried to kill Xavier? Our theory on the end of …

In a few days, fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will finally discover what happened to Xavier Meffre and his father Daniel, pushed into the void under the same circumstances 30 years ago. Is Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret) guilty?

What are Rebecca (Victoria Abril) and Sébastien (Xavier Deluc) hiding? And who really tried to kill Xavier (Charles Lelaure) by pushing him out the window? This is the question that viewers ask themselves of Tomorrow has been ours for a week now. And the conclusion of this plot, titled “The Return of Rebecca”, may well surprise them.

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast this evening on TF1, Martin (Franck Monsigny) and Aurore (Julie Debazac) will have a hard time believing the confessions of Rebecca Flores, who claims to be responsible for the fall of Xavier, who would have discovered her affair with her father and allegedly attacked her to make her pay. Rebecca would therefore have simply defended herself, but elements of her testimony do not stick according to Damien (Adrien Rob) and his colleagues in the police.

A complex affair which will take an unexpected turn to say the least at the very end of the episode when Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), Xavier’s ex-wife, again the victim of an absence, will try to suffocate her former companion in his hospital room, while prosecutor Meffre is still in a coma.

So, could Raphaëlle have been absent on the evening of the attempted murder on Xavier and could she have caused her downfall, while she was in a daze?

In any case, this is what the writers of Demain want us to believe as we approach the conclusion of this very soap ark, dedicated to the Perraud-Meffre family. But a big revelation could reshuffle the cards and turn everything upside down for Raphaëlle and her relatives. After all, Jennifer Lauret recently told us about a “real upheaval to come for Raphaëlle and her family”.

Tomorrow is ours: who really tried to kill xavier? Our theory on the end of...
Telsete / TF1

Is Raphaëlle Perraud responsible for the death of Daniel Meffre?

In Tuesday’s episode, already available on Salto, Raphaëlle will see a memory buried on the surface during a session with Anna (Maud Baecker), her shrink: she will see herself again pushing Xavier by the window, as the latter tried to strangle Rebecca. But as Anna will point out, it may just be a mixture of memories in the attorney’s head.

What if Anna was right? This is indeed our theory on the end of this great intrigue marked by the presence of Victoria Abril as an exceptional guest. Everything suggests that Raphaëlle witnessed a violent scene between Rebecca and Daniel Meffre when she was a child. And that she caused the death of Xavier’s father by intervening to protect his own mother.

A drama which would explain why Rebecca fled the country for thirty years and abandoned her daughter (she wanted to protect her and do everything so that her affair with Daniel Meffre never came to light). And who would give Rebecca and Sébastien a good reason for wanting to silence Xavier, who would have ended up discovering the truth.

At the moment, the police also suspect the prosecutor Sébastien Perraud of being behind this whole story, but Rebecca could just as well be guilty. Especially since Victoria Abril is only present in the series for the time of this a priori intrigue. What will be the consequences for the Perrauds? And especially for Raphaëlle? Answer in the continuation of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1.

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