Tomorrow is ours: what future for Sofia, Charlie, and Gabriel after high school?

Tomorrow is ours: what future for Sofia, Charlie, and Gabriel after high school

While new high school students will soon be introduced in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Sofia (Emma Smet), Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), and Gabriel (Martin Mille) will not leave the series for all that. Find out what the start of the school year has in store for them.

Tomorrow is ours: what future for sofia, charlie, and gabriel after high school
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Season 5 of Tomorrow belongs to us, which will begin on August 16 on TF1, is definitely going to turn everything upside down. While several actors, including Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix, should move away from the Sète film sets of the series, a slew of new faces is expected in the coming weeks.

Emmanuel Moire and the ex-candidate of The Voice Mayeul Durand will notably join the series in the skin of François Lehaut and Apollon, two teachers, and the arrival of new teachers is no accident since the production of Demain nous belongs has decided to refocus partly on young people and to give an even more important place to teenage intrigues.

“We wanted to have a new look, to avoid a certain weariness, to improve certain things, while maintaining continuity”, explains producer Aude Thévenin to TV 2 Weeks.

And this facelift, probably designed not to be left behind by Here everything begins, will go through a “makeover” of the school decor of the series. The Paul Valéry high school, at the heart of the first 4 seasons, will indeed disappear from the intrigues and will give way to a brand new establishment, the Agnès Varda high school, named in tribute to the director who died in 2019, who was an emblematic figure. from the city of Sète.

“We will tell that there was asbestos in the old school, so it was necessary to close it and transfer the teaching team to a new place”, continues Aude Thévenin at the microphone of our colleagues. “This new establishment will refresh the series and Ingrid Chauvin will be one of the central figures of the Agnès Varda high school”.

Tomorrow is ours: what future for sofia, charlie, and gabriel after high schoolScreenshot / TF1

But Chloé, her new colleagues, as well as the group of teenagers formed by Camille, Maud, Ben, Mathilde, or even Dorian will not be the only ones to evolve in this new setting from the start of the school year. Télé 2 Weeks also reveals that Sofia (Emma Smet) and Charlie (Clémence Lassalas), the two best enemies of Tomorrow belongs to us, will meet together in BTS within this new versatile high school.

And the two young women, who graduated a few weeks ago, will meet regularly in the schoolyard someone they know very well since Gabriel (Martin Mille) will be a pawn in the establishment in order to pay for his studies. . News which confirms that, despite the imminent departure of Sandrine and Morgane, Gabriel will remain in Sète.

It remains to be seen whether Judith (Alice Varela), Noor (Sahelle de Figueiredo), Souleymane (Dembo Camilo), Betty (Lou Jean), Timothée (Grégoire Champion), Manon (Louvia Bachelier), and Arthur (Théo Cosset) will continue. also to appear in the series at the start of the school year, despite their farewell to high school, and what will be their place in the intrigues, between studies or entry into working life.

And if everything suggests that not all will continue to be part of the recurring heroes of Tomorrow belongs to us next season, it is in any case rather reassuring to see that characters as emblematic as Sofia and Charlie will always have their place in the twists and turns. soapesques and in the hearts of the writers of the soap opera.

The trailer for the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us:

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