Tomorrow is ours: can Sofia forgive Charlie? Emma Smet responds – News Series

 Tomorrow is ours: can Sofia forgive Charlie? Emma Smet responds - News Series

The Dauniers are once again in turmoil after Charlie’s assault in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. The opportunity for Emma Smet, the interpreter of Sofia, to tell us about her character and her relationship with Charlie, Samuel and Arthur.

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Allociné: You’ve been playing the role of Sofia Daunier in Tomorrow belongs to us for over a year. If you had to remember a plot or filming event that particularly marked you, which would it be?

Emma Smet : It’s hard to choose. There is the plot where my character finds out that his biological father is Samuel Chardeau (Axel Kiener). It was an emotional storyline where we were all there for each other. Another intrigue also marked me enormously, it is that of the fire of the farmhouse. I had never shot at night and with all the special effects, the fire, it was really a stressful atmosphere. Limit, we didn’t have to play [rires].

What do you like about Sofia and what brings you closer to your character?

What I like about Sofia is that she is very family. She will always be there for her loved ones and especially her friends. I see myself in her at such times because I am very family too. I will always be there for the people who are dear to me. But we are still different from each other. In the dress style, it is not the same thing. Sofia has a little more Barbie style [rires].

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After the affair of the false sextape, Sofia is once again in turmoil because of Charlie (Clémence Lassalas). Today, these are probably the best enemies of Tomorrow belongs to us. Can we hope to see them come closer and become friends one day?

It’s complicated because Sofia and Charlie are really the worst enemies. We’ll see, I don’t have the texts for the next episodes yet. Frankly, I would be shocked to know that they could become friends. With everything Charlie has done to her, I don’t think so. Sofia forgives easily but not me [rires]. I don’t know if Sofia will forgive him again. We will see what already happens at the end of this plot.

Sofia was suspected of assaulting Charlie. After being exonerated, it is William (Kamel Belghazi) ‘s turn to become the prime suspect. One more blow for this family which nevertheless remains united. Do you think that the Dauniers will emerge strengthened from this new ordeal?

Yes, as always. They are always there for each other. Even if there are little secretions here and there, they move forward together and still get by. They talk about it together and manage to solve the problems. Unity is strength !

The plot around Charlie’s assault is expected to end soon in the next few episodes. Are viewers going to be surprised by the identity of the culprit?

Yes but i can’t say more [rires].

November 5 was the day devoted to the fight against bullying, a subject in which the series is particularly interested through your character who is a victim. As an actress, how does it feel to you to have the opportunity to handle such a strong theme on screen and what message do you hope to convey to the viewers who follow you?

This is a very important subject. School bullying happens in many schools. It’s good that the series broaches this subject because a lot of young people watch it. It is important for them to see how we can work things out, what to do or not to do. You have to say it and not be afraid to talk about what is going on at school. Whether it is his parents, teachers or the principal. Above all, we should not be ashamed of it. We always get by and we come out stronger.

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Samuel and Sofia are very close and share a particularly touching bond. Can we expect to see more scenes between them in the future and how will their relationship evolve?

I hope so because Samuel and Sofia have a good understanding. Even us between actors we get along really well, whether on the sets or outside. It’s true that it would be cool to play more together and see where their father-daughter relationship is going to go.

After separating because of the false sextape affair, Arthur (Théo Cosset) and Sofia have given themselves a second chance. How do you see their relationship and what can we expect for their relationship in the future?

I find it made them a bit stronger. A relationship is not all pretty. There are arguments. Some things they agree on and some don’t. This is also a couple. I think it made them stronger. After that, I don’t have the texts for the next episodes yet and I don’t know if their relationship will continue or not.

Since his arrival in Sète, your character has not been spared. Do you think the writers will now give Sofia a bit of a break?

In this series you are never sure. There is a lot going on in Sète. We’ll see ! It’s always a new challenge for us to be on a new plot. We are asked to work on our emotions. It is a real work on ourselves. I like it. Even though Sofia has plenty of problems, I like it.

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You recently welcomed Louvia Bachelier, the young actress who replaces Maïna Grézanlé in the role of Manon. How did this transition go on set and did it change anything in your playing dynamics?

Necessarily. No one plays the same, but that’s just as good. Both are playing very, very well, so it didn’t break the rhythm. We welcomed her into the family as if she had always been Manon and it went very well.

Tomorrow belongs to us is a very big family. Which other actors in the series would you like to share a plot with?

There are several people that I haven’t played with yet. There is my great friend Esther Valding (Garance Doucet editor’s note) who has not yet returned to the series but I hope so soon. It would be nice to do a little plot with all the young people on the show but not something sad for a change [rires]. A little intrigue of young people where we party, something like that.

How do you see the future of your character and how do you want to see it evolve?

Sofia has gone through some pretty heavy things, especially after all these moments spent at the police station. I think his character will get tougher. In any case, it will assert itself a little more. We will see the rest later. It’s also feeling and it depends on how the writers want to develop the character.

Apart from Tomorrow belongs to us, do you have any other projects you can tell us about?

For the moment no. I’m doing castings right now, we’ll see later.

Interview by phone on November 18, 2020.

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