Tomorrow belongs to us: Xavier between life and death in the trailer for the next episodes [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: Xavier between life and death in the trailer for the next episodes [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Despite the failure of the attack orchestrated by the Beaulieu, Xavier (Charles Lelaure) continues to run a great danger in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And according to the trailer for the next episodes, he will soon find himself between life and death.

Although he emerged unscathed from the attack orchestrated on Friday by Hélène and Pascal Beaulieu, the nightmare is far from over for Xavier Meffre (Charles Lelaure) in Tomorrow belongs to us. And Quentin’s accomplices will soon prove that they are really desperate to take revenge on the Sète prosecutor.

While the ongoing intrigue in the daily TF1 soap opera initially suggested that the Dauniers were targeted by the Beaulieu, events took an unexpected turn when the police finally discovered that the couple were actually looking for each other. take it to Xavier, whom they considered responsible for the death of their son Geoffroy, which occurred in prison in New Caledonia.

And to believe the trailer for the next episodes unveiled this weekend by TF1, the next step in their plan could well, this time, prove fatal for the prosecutor of Sète. In order to create a diversion and allow his wife to go to the Meffres’, Pascal Beaulieu (Nicky Marbot) shows up at the bottom of the building where the little family resides and is arrested by the police.

Hélène Beaulieu (Anne Bouvier) then takes the opportunity to attack Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), who is alone in the apartment, but the teenager shows a lot of courage and manages to escape.

A new setback, after the failed shooting on Friday, which will not discourage Beaulieu so far since, as the images above reveal, Hélène pours a few drops of poison into a bottle of wine in the Meffre refrigerator.

Screenshot / TF1

Following this, Hélène Beaulieu will visibly surrender to the police, which does not fail to arouse the suspicions of Aurore (Julie Debazac), who suspects that something is wrong. And indeed, during a family evening at Chloe’s (Ingrid Chauvin), Xavier collapsed to the ground after drinking a little wine from the famous poisoned bottle.

Urgently transported to the hospital, the prosecutor of Sète will thus find himself between life and death in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. “We urgently need to find out what poison was used. Without it we will not be able to save it”, launches a worried Marianne in the trailer.

After Leïla’s death last fall, will the soap opera fans have to say goodbye to another recurring character in the series? Or will Aurore, Martin, and Chloe succeed in saving Xavier in extremis? The answer in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us which will close the intrigue centered on the Meffres at the end of the week before launching a new arch dedicated to Clémentine and Sacha.

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