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The end of the plot devoted to the return of Lucie and Marc Very leaves the future of Lorie Pester’s character in “Tomorrow belongs to us” in suspense. Will we see Lucie again one day? Or did the writers put an end to its story?

Have the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us left the door open to a future return of Lorie Pester? Or, on the contrary, have they just ended Lucie Salducci’s story for good?

This is the question that we can ask ourselves following the episode of this Tuesday April 6, which puts an end to the intrigue “Love to death”, devoted to the return to Sète of Lucie and Marc Véry (Guillaume Faure), the serial killer with whom the former police lieutenant fell in love.

Indeed, Friday in Tomorrow belongs to us, the two criminals on the run, surrounded by the police, have made the decision to remain united until death and to throw themselves hand in hand into the sea from the top of a cliff.

But if the lifeless body of Marc Véry ended up being located by Martin and Karim yesterday, that of Lucie remains untraceable. And for Victoire (Solène Hébert), her best friend, that can only mean one thing: Lucie survived her fall. Especially since a wedding ring found on Véry’s finger seems to suggest that Lucie went to the morgue to see her companion one last time before leaving Sète. Forever ?

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Contacted by us, TF1 does not wish to speak on the future of Lorie Pester in Tomorrow belongs to us and thus leaves the mystery concerning the continuation of the story of Lucie Salducci.

Given the way the character has evolved – from a respected cop to a criminal outlaw willing to do anything to save her serial killer boyfriend – the chances of Lucie returning to a normal life one day, alongside Victoire, Georges, or Karim, seem null.

But his body was not found, the door still remains open to a possible return of the character one day. For a new arch event since Lorie Pester has already made it known that she will not return in Tomorrow belongs to us permanently.

A few weeks ago, the actress confided to Télé Loisirs: “I do not close the door to other occasional returns because I am very attached to Lucie”. So you should never say never. Especially since in Tomorrow belongs to us, everything is possible. Martin’s “resurrection” in 2018 is proof of this.

But as it stands, it’s still hard to imagine how the character of Lucie, who has gone much too far in the past weeks, could one day be rehabilitated by the writers …

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