Tomorrow belongs to us: will Ulysses die? [SPOILERS]

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Anthony will reveal his true face and shoot Ulysses (Sébastien Capgras) to protect Ophélie, the hostage taker. Seriously injured, will Ulysses die during the 1000th episode?

Tomorrow belongs to us: will ulysses die? [spoilers]
Screenshot / TF1

Will the hostage-taking that has been taking place at the Spoon since the beginning of the week turn into tragedy in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us? This is in any case what suggests a new extract unveiled in preview by TF1, in which Ulysses (Sébastien Capgras) appears seriously injured.

In the episode which will be broadcast tomorrow night on the front page, Ulysses and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) will devise a plan to put an end to their ordeal. After having discreetly provided himself with a knife recovered from the restaurant’s kitchen, Ulysses will take advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of Ophélie (Solange Fréjean), the hostage-taker, to try to control her and to disarm it. But the situation will take a turn for the less dramatic.

Suspicious for a while of the behavior of the Spoon’s cook, Anthony (Benjamin Gaitet) will shoot the latter to protect his accomplice. And will thus reveal his true face to all: he was in cahoots with Ophélie from the beginning.

In the extract from Tomorrow belongs to us in question, visible on the MyTF1 site, and which will be broadcast on the air at the beginning of next week, Ulysses is lying on the ground, very badly in shape. Hit by bullet, he loses a lot of blood.

“If something happens to me, can you tell Amanda that I love her?”, asks Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) an Ulysses who seems not very optimistic about his fate. “You tell him yourself when you get out of here”, answers him the mother of Judith, Maxime, and Céleste, who tries to reassure him, even if she seems very worried.

Tomorrow belongs to us: will ulysses die? [spoilers]

Screenshot / TF1

While Sylvain (Arnaud Henriet) falls from the clouds when he discovers that his protégé, Anthony, has been lying to him since his return to Sète, Ulysses complains that he no longer feels his arm. Seeing that he is losing a lot of blood, Chloe, Alex, and Tristan beg Ophelia to let Ulysses be evacuated by the emergency services. But the hostage-taker, who begins to lose her temper, does not want to hear anything.

After a few moments, however, Ophélie seems to have an idea and summons one of the hostages to stand up without flinching. What ploy will she put in place to avoid the worst while escaping the police? And above all, will Ulysses succeed in being saved in time? Or will he succumb to his injuries?

When we know that this event narrative arch of Tomorrow belongs to us will be marked, on the occasion of the 1000th episode broadcast on Thursday, August 26, by the death of one of the heroes of the series, the concern is more than ever in order. And for now, everything suggests that it is indeed Ulysses who is going to die. A drama that would not fail to change the life of Amanda (Marion Christmann) forever if it were to be confirmed.

The trailer for the new storyline of Tomorrow is ours:

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