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After the terrible plane crash that plunged him into a coma, Sylvain Moreno will see his state of health deteriorate in the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us” due to a power cut at the hospital. Will he die?

Found in extremis by the firefighters on the port of Sète after the terrible crash which occurred at the beginning of the week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sylvain Moreno (Arnaud Henriet) is not yet out of the woods. Far from there.

While Sylvain and Sara (Camille Genau) are among the most seriously injured and are still in a coma, Saint-Clair hospital will be the target of a cyberattack in the episode which will be broadcast on Monday January 9 on TF1 .

A hacker will indeed take control of the hospital’s computer system and will cause a power cut according to information revealed by the site Newsactual.

Result: several services will be deprived of electricity. And Christelle Moreno (Ariane Seguillon) will begin to seriously worry about her husband, whose respirator battery will decrease visibly over the minutes. Before the hospital is totally plunged into darkness.

Will Sylvain die?

In a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us which is part of the episode of Tuesday January 10 and was unveiled in preview by TF1, the condition of Sylvain seems to be stable again.

“When we heard about this breakdown, we immediately thought of you. We were so scared”confess Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) to Christelle while they are at the bedside of their friend.

“It was horrible, I really thought I was going to lose him this time”lets out Christelle, still in shock, before explaining that Renaud Dumaze (Pierre Deny) extubated Sylvain and that Noor (Sahelle de Figueiredo) ventilated him throughout the power failure, in order to take over of the respirator.


Christelle blames herself for not being able to do anything to help her husband. And above all, she feels responsible for what happened to her a few days earlier on the beach. “It’s because of me if he was on the beach at the time of the crash. It was I who told him to go running to lose weight faster. (…) He did it to make me pleasure. And here is the result”.

Seeing that her friend is exhausted, Chloe offers her to go have a coffee in order to get out of the hospital room for a bit and get a change of scenery. Once his wife and Christelle have left, Alex, who stays by Sylvain’s bedside, begs his best friend to fight. “Come on, hold on my hen, it’s not the time to let go”.

If his condition seems to have stabilized, Sylvain is therefore not saved and the sentences spoken by Alex are not reassuring. After the death of the pilot of the plane, will the writers of Tomorrow belong to us this time sacrifice one of the historical characters of the series?

Answer in the next episodes which still reserve many twists for us.

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