Tomorrow belongs to us: will Sandrine and Morgane leave the series? The producer responds

The rumor was therefore true: Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix, the interpreters of Sandrine and Morgane, will soon say goodbye to “Tomorrow belongs to us” and be away for at least some time for creative reasons.

Tomorrow belongs to us: will sandrine and morgane leave the series? The producer responds
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After Linda Hardy, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us will soon have to say goodbye to two recurring actresses, who form on the screen one of the most emblematic couples of the daily soap opera of TF1 for more than two years.

For a few days, the rumor swelled on social networks: Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix, the interpreters of Sandrine and Morgane, would have shot their last sequence last week in Sète and would thus be the next to leave the adventure.

These departures would be part of the creative renewal that will be operated by the teams of Tomorrow belongs to us on the occasion of the 5th season, which will begin on August 16 on the air, and of the 1000th episode, broadcast on August 26 on TF1.

The information is finally confirmed today thanks to Leisure TV which reveals that Sandrine and Morgane will soon leave Sète to move abroad, and that this unexpected development will be the consequence of Morgane’s release from prison, which we announced to you a few weeks ago.

“We’re going to release the character of Sandrine played by Juliette Tresanini for storytelling reasons”, explains Aude Thévenin, the producer of Demain belongs to us to our colleagues.

“His companion Morgane (Marie Catrix) killed her own brother Franck (Franck Sémonin) in a previous narrative arch. She will soon be released from prison and will live very badly. She will become a bit of Sète’s curious little animal and n ‘ will have no choice but to go abroad “.

Sandrine will therefore leave the city and her relatives to follow the woman she loves and protect her. But this departure is not necessarily definitive since Télé Loisirs adds that Juliette Tresanini “should come back to have a head in the soap opera from time to time” and that the presence of Sandrine is already planned in an arch which will be broadcast this fall, that is to say shortly after her departure.

“This is not a definitive release. There will be an ark in the fall for which the character of Sandrine will have to return”, promises Aude Thévenin to reassure the fans.

It remains to be seen whether the departure of Marie Catrix is ​​envisaged as more permanent. And if Théo Cosset and Martin Mille, who play Arthur and Gabriel, the respective sons of Sandrine and Morgane, will also bear the brunt of this departure. Or if the authors will find a way to make them stay in Sète so that we can follow their post-baccalaureate life alongside Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) or Sofia (Emma Smet).

One thing is certain: if we can understand the desire of the authors and the production to make room for the new families which will be introduced soon on the air and will be carried by Charlotte Gaccio, Jennifer Lauret, Xavier Deluc, or Emmanuel Moire, we can only regret to see Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix leave.

Because homosexual couples and transgender characters (this is the case with Morgane) are not legion on French television. And there certainly still remained a lot of strong societal themes to address through this couple. But departures and renewal are part of the life of the series, that’s how it is.

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