Tomorrow belongs to us: will Marianne end up doubting Renaud? Luce Mouchel responds – News Series

If the return of Lydie divides the Dumaze-Chardeau clan in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Marianne is of unfailing support for Renaud. However, will she end up doubting him? Luce Mouchel confides in the continuation of this strong family intrigue.

Tomorrow belongs to us: will marianne end up doubting renaud? Luce mouchel responds - news series
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Allociné: Since the beginning of Tomorrow belongs to us, Marianne has come a long way in a personal capacity. How do you judge the evolution of your character?

Luce Mouchel : What is interesting is that Marianne has been confronted from the beginning with complicated situations from an ethical point of view and that she has always come out with know-how. She always wants to make sure things are going well when there is a family problem whether it is with her daughters, her husband or even her little girl. There is something quite ambivalent about Marianne because she has a very sure ethic and at the same time she is human. It is in these moments that she shows a certain fragility and even a form of instability. It is not that clear after all.

Today, Marianne has a fulfilling family life but sees Renaud’s ex-wife land with a heavy family secret. What is your character’s state of mind in the face of this ordeal?

Marianne is a modern person. It is not because Renaud’s ex-wife returns that she speculates a problem. On the other hand, where there is a little bit of a penknife in their contract, it is when she realizes that Renaud (Pierre Deny) has hidden a lot of essential things from her past. She falls a little high because she wonders why he hid it from her but especially if he would not have hid other things from her.

Faced with the opposite versions of the facts which clash between Renaud and his ex-wife, does Marianne not doubt the sincerity of her husband?

She will doubt it at some point but there isn’t really a scene that explains it. We feel that there is a small crack in the face of this lie and a small crisis of confidence all the same. Renaud and Marianne have always been very honest with each other, so she is unsettled by that. At the same time, Lydie (Nicole Calfan) is a woman who touches Marianne a lot. She thinks to herself that she must have gone through something very hard abandoning her son when she was interned. As Lydie does not necessarily seem ill to her when she meets her, Marianne wonders if Renaud is not acting in panic by lacking a little clairvoyance. There is a doubt in her but it will quickly be evacuated.

Marianne is ready to do anything to help Renaud and even goes so far as to help him kidnap Lydie. Do you think she will manage to reason Renaud to prevent him from going too far?

She reasons him but Renaud succeeds in convincing her that Lydie is dangerous. Marianne will go a long way by accompanying Renaud in her plan but always wondering if she is not making a huge mistake. It puts a little ambivalence between the solidarity that she wants to express towards her husband and a form of solidarity that she does not dare to express too much in relation to Lydie who has only one desire, that to see her son again now that she is convinced that she is better.

Does this intrigue risk impacting her relationship with Renaud or can their love overcome any ordeal?

I don’t know if this will impact their relationship in the future, I would find it interesting. In any case, we have the heart to show that Renaud and Marianne are almost untouchable people. If it happens to them to be a little bit outside the law, it is quickly caught up because we do not want to tarnish their image. While this is a little less true for Marianne as she has done questionable things in the past, she still does it as a last resort. She has a maternal instinct and a very strong capacity for empathy. When she helps Renaud in his plan, she sees Lydie completely terrified and says to herself “by what right I can do that, if it turns out he’s lying to me, it’s not good.”. She still has this little doubt. Fortunately, as it ends well for everyone, she ends up telling herself that they did well to act like this even if they went through not very legal ways. It is her human but also maternal instinct that guides Marianne.

Even if they work together, the relations between Flore (Anne Caillon) and Marianne remain particularly strained since the infidelity of Alex (Alexandre Brasseur). Can we hope to see them reconcile?

I don’t know if the reconciliation will take place but whether it does or not, it gives very interesting playing materials for these two characters. Conflict is always more interesting to write about. I think they will eventually put it all aside. As long as they do not put it aside, it will give rise to comical and funny scenes.

While Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) is ready to start over with another man, what will Marianne look at this new relationship?

She will have a rather positive outlook because she sees that her daughter is doing very well. Marianne is very concerned about the well-being of her daughter. When she meets Chloe’s new companion, she is going to be very enthusiastic without even having spoken with him. She will think that she is a good person and will be very happy that her daughter is no longer alone in life. She also knows that Chloe is very strong and that she is able to overcome a lot of things. I don’t know what the scenes will look like later on, but Chloe’s new companion has to be a good person with regard to Marianne’s criteria [rires]. Marianne always wants to have the final say in her daughter’s choices. It is a maternal instinct but it is also an instinct of possession. She likes to put her two cents in.

Do you have other projects outside of Tomorrow belongs to us that you can tell us about?

Despite the health situation, I have theater projects. I am going to play a text that I wrote. I also have another project underway with a woman director whom I like a lot and with almost only women.

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