Tomorrow belongs to us: will Manon forget Nordine in Valentin’s arms? – News…

In the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Manon will try to make Nordine jealous by using Valentin, the waiter at the hut. But Aurore and William’s daughter could well get caught up in her own game…

If the polar intrigues follow one another at a frantic pace in tomorrow belongs to us, love stories have also always been part of the recipe for TF1’s daily soap opera. And for the past few weeks, a rapprochement in particular has thrilled viewers: that of Manon and Nordine.

As part of her internship at the police station, Manon (Louvia Bachelor) was quick to befriend Martin Constant’s son. So much so that Nordine (Youcef Agal) offered to help revise the police entrance examination. And it was precisely during their revision sessions that Manon gradually fell under the spell of the young cop. Yet already in a relationship with Sophie Novak (Carole Bianic).

During a jog on the beach, the daughter of Aurore and William therefore decided to jump into the water and kissed Nordine. A sort of statement that didn’t really have the desired effect since Nordine first fled. Before finally explaining to Manon that he saw her as a friend and that he was good with Sophie.

However, nothing helps: Manon has a crush on Nordine and can’t manage to get him out of her head. In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, she will follow Charlie’s good advice (Clemence Lassalas) and will use another boy to try to make Nordine jealous.

In a new excerpt unveiled in advance by TF1Manon is studying on the beach when Valentin (Thibaut Cattelin), the waiter at the hut, comes to bring him a cocktail. Without her having ordered anything. “I anticipate people’s desire”launches the young waiter, obviously determined to seduce his client.

Tomorrow belongs to us: will manon forget nordine in valentin's arms? - news...

Manon doesn’t seem particularly interested in Valentin’s pick-up act. But she ends up completely changing her attitude when she sees Nordine walking in her direction. And while the hunk hired by Charlie assures that he has “other ideas in mind” who might please her, Manon seizes the opportunity to make Nordine jealous and asks Valentin to put some sunscreen on her back.

“Be careful, I have very soft hands, you risk becoming addicted”, answers Valentin before executing under the gaze of Nordine who is getting closer and closer. Unfortunately for Manon, Nordine shows no reaction and simply pretends to be on the beach to check that there are no pickpocketing problems again like last year.

So, is all hope of seeing the Nordine-Manon couple form soon lost? Not sure.

Valentin is going to kiss Manon

Indeed, in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, it will appear more and more obvious that the young cop is also in love with Manon. While he will be distant, even quite harsh, with Sophie, he will have a lot of trouble hiding the jealousy he feels towards Valentin. Going so far as to talk openly about it to Roxane (Raphaele Volkoff) and to entrust to Aurore (Julie Debazac) that he thinks the waiter at the hut is not a boy for his daughter.

The only problem: Manon, at the same time, will once again listen to Charlie who will advise her to take advantage of the pleasures of life in order to forget Nordine and will push her to be more interested in Valentin. This is why, in the episode which will be broadcast on Monday August 1 on TF1, the young woman will accept the latter’s invitation to a romantic picnic on the beach.

One thing leads to another, Valentin will take advantage of the evening to kiss Manon after having confessed to her that he likes to please and that he found her magnificent the first time he saw her at the hut. And Manon is not going to push him away and is also going to indulge in this kiss.

Should we see this as a sign that a love triangle will form to further thwart the budding romance between Manon and Nordine? Answer in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 and on Salto. But judging by the sudden rapprochement between Manon and Valentin, things seem to be on the way.

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