Tomorrow belongs to us: why Manon (Maïna Grézanlé) will change interpreter

As revealed yesterday by the new credits of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Manon Daunier will very soon be embodied by a new actress: Louvia Bachelier. Why did Maïna Grézanlé leave the TF1 soap opera? We have the answer.

TF1 yesterday unveiled a new version of the credits of Tomorrow belongs to us, which will be on the air from Monday, to mark the start of a new chapter for the series, in parallel with the launch of Here everything begins, a derivative soap opera worn by Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Frédéric Diefenthal. A generic that offers many new features, including the arrival of Linda Hardy, Alice Varela (finally freed from her pink wig), or Mayel Elhajaoui. And who also surprised fans by revealing a cast change that no one had seen coming!

Incarnated by Maïna Grézanlé since the summer of 2019, Manon Daunier, the daughter of William (Kamel Belghazi) and Aurore (Julie Debazac), and the little sister of Sofia (Emma Smet), will indeed change interpreters in the days or weeks to come. It is now the actress Louvia Bachelier, seen in Contact, Le Châlet, and more recently in season 2 of Infidèle, in the skin of Luigi’s girlfriend (Grégoire Paturel), who will lend her features to the character of Manon and Succeeds Maïna Grézanlé after a little over a year of good and loyal service. Contacted by us, TF1 confirmed the departure of Maïna Grézanlé and explained to us that she was leaving Tomorrow belongs to us to devote herself to other projects. Quite simply.

Tomorrow belongs to us: why manon (maïna grézanlé) will change interpreter

Screenshot / TF1 / Patrick Fouque / Carma Films

Maïna Grézanlé and Louvia Bachelier, who will succeed her in the role of Manon.

The young actress is not the first actress in the soap opera to say goodbye to her character in order to take off on new professional or personal adventures. In 2018 and 2019, Théo Cosset and Alice Varela respectively succeeded Jean-Baptiste Lamour and Sylvie Filloux (who had herself replaced Coline Bellin at first) in the roles of Arthur Lazzari and Judith Delcourt. While this summer, Martin Mille took over the role of Gabriel Guého following the departure of Arthur Legrand, the original interpreter of the character, taken by other projects (including the shooting of Voltaire, Mixte for Amazon Prime Video).

According to our information, Louvia Bachelier joined the filming sets of Demain belongs to us in Sète on September 17 and should therefore make her first appearance on the air in the skin of Manon in November, although a precise date does not have yet been communicated by TF1. But when we know that a new ark centered on Sofia and Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) will begin on the air on November 9, everything suggests that Manon, and more generally the Daunier family, will have an important role to play in the episodes aired in November on the front page.

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