Tomorrow belongs to us: who killed Franck? Our theories on the identity of the culprit

Yesterday in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Franck Guého, who turned out to be a crook and a murderer, was found murdered. Who can be responsible for his death? Sandrine? Morgan ? Anne Marie ? We’re making a list of our suspects.

With the death of Franck (Franck Sémonin), found lifeless at the end of the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast last night on TF1, the plot dedicated to the Lazzari-Guého clan has just taken an unexpected turn. For several weeks, Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) had done everything to unmask her brother-in-law, whom she suspected of being a crook and a murderer. And while we expected this story arc rich in twists and turns to end behind bars for Franck, the writers of the daily soap opera offered us a new twist that redistributes the cards since the villain of the story has, in in the end, been murdered. But by whom? This is the question that will punctuate the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, and everything suggests that the culprit is a character well known to fans.

So, before the conclusion of this intrigue, which should end next week on the air, here is the list of Sétois who, in our opinion, are the main suspects in the investigation that will begin tonight on TF1. ..


Since Franck’s arrival in Sète in December, the current did not pass between Sandrine and Morgane’s brother. And obviously, the scene she witnessed a few weeks later, when she saw Franck carrying a body in the trunk of his car, did nothing to help matters. Convinced that her family, and especially her mother, who had fallen in love with Franck, were in serious danger, the headmistress of high school Paul Valéry launched an investigation to bring down her brother-in-law, with the help of Anna (Maud Baecker). A quest for truth which has lifted the veil on gray areas in Franck’s past, but which has also greatly annoyed the main person concerned, to the point that he attacks Arthur twice and tries quite simply to get rid of Sandrine by rushing at her with a car.

Ready to do anything to protect Arthur and save Anne-Marie, secretly drugged by Franck and therefore extremely diminished, could Sandrine have gone so far as to kill Morgane’s brother? Intentionally, in order to end it once and for all, or by accident, following a final confrontation that would have gone wrong? What is certain is that Sandrine will quickly be suspected by Aurore (Julie Debazac) who will not let go and will try to push her to confess. And worse, even Anna, her only ally at the beginning of this whole story, will end up doubting her. However, even if Sandrine seems to be hiding something from the police, it is hard to imagine her being responsible for Franck’s death. It would be almost too easy, and the writers certainly do not want to send the character to prison (a prison where no one stays very long in Tomorrow belongs to us, of course, but still).

Anne Marie

Returning to Sète at the end of the year to get closer to Sandrine and Victoire, Anne-Marie Lazzari (Véronique Jannot), who lost her husband in 2019, did not expect to fall under the spell of Franck Guého, a man business younger than her. And she surely expected even less that the latter, with whom she was going to marry in a short time, is in reality a murderer (or a “black widower”, of the name of this intrigue) having for only obsession with marry wealthy women of a certain age before pushing them to suicide, in order to inherit their money. Drugged without her knowing it for several days, did Anne-Marie end up opening her eyes following questions from Morgana and the police, and making Franck pay for her betrayal, whom she really loved with all her heart? This option is obviously not to be ruled out, especially since we would see Sandrine, whose behavior will be very suspicious over the next few episodes, do everything to protect her and avoid prison. Even if it means confessing in his place?

Tomorrow belongs to us: who killed franck? Our theories on the identity of the culprit

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Mad with admiration for her brother, Morgane (Marie Catrix) was extremely close to Franck, who had always been there for her and notably supported her during her transition. Faced with the accusations brought by Sandrine, Morgane had initially refused to conceive for a single moment that her brother could be guilty of murder. But the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast yesterday changed everything. Overwhelmed by doubt, Morgane finally decided to listen to Sandrine and discovered that her brother was probably responsible for the suicide of at least two of his ex-companions. And a face to face with Franck at the Spoon, during which the latter finally revealed his true face, has finally convinced her. So, did Morgana follow her brother home and did she let her anger and disappointment speak, to the point of killing Franck? It would be a fairly unexpected turnaround that would undoubtedly change the future of the Sandrine-Morgane couple.

Gabriel or Arthur

Among all the suspects, it’s impossible not to think of Arthur (Théo Cosset) and Gabriel (Martin Mille). After coming close to the strangulation, Arthur could very well have decided to turn against Franck in order to protect his mother and his grandmother. As for Gabriel, the teenager will be very affected by the death of his uncle, whom he loved very much. But could his grief hide a feeling of guilt? Could he have twisted while discovering the truth, one way or another, and killed Franck by accident? There again, there is no doubt that, faced with such a situation, Sandrine and Morgane would do anything to save their children from prison. Even to cover up evidence?

One thing is certain, one of the recurring characters of Tomorrow belongs to us will end up in prison at the end of this suspenseful intrigue, and the lives of the Lazzari and the Guého will be forever changed by this new ordeal.

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