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As the investigation into Clementine’s disappearance advances, the noose is dangerously tightening around Sacha in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

It’s been almost three weeks since Clémentine disappeared without leaving the slightest trace in Tomorrow belongs to us. If the actress Linda Hardy recently announced that she was leaving the successful daily TF1, the mystery around the disappearance of her character remains. But what could have happened to him after having unmasked the double life of Sacha (Renaud Roussel)?

Last week, Sacha was taken into custody following the testimony of Juliette (Mathilde Lebrequier). While he swore he would never have hurt Clémentine, the discovery of a bloodstained shovel in the garage of his home in Frontignan would once again reshuffle the cards and cast doubt on his involvement in the disappearance of the sports teacher.

Did Sacha kill Clementine? What is certain is that the coach has not told the whole truth and seems to be hiding a lot of things.

In a video unveiled by TF1 retracing the life of Clémentine Doucet since her arrival in Sète, we learn that her argument with her companion went much further than we were led to believe. On these new images, we can see Sacha physically threatening his companion. In a black anger, he slams her against the wall, saying “you won’t say anything to anyoneAs she begs the man she thought she knew to let go of her because she can’t breathe, the scene ends without us knowing what happened to her.

Out of anger and in a fierce desire to protect his secret at all costs, could Sacha have committed the irreparable? In any case, this is the track that the next episodes of the soap opera follow and given the elements that accumulate against him, Sacha is more than ever cornered. But we are in a soap opera and so many twists and turns are still to be expected. Moreover, Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton), the woman who claimed 20,000 euros from Sacha at the start of this ark, will soon be back and may well teach us more about the mysterious past of the sports coach.

In another excerpt unveiled by the front page, Sacha, who was released by the police for lack of proof, will meet Vinciane who insists on spending time with him. As she kisses him, the sports coach reminds her that their story was purely sexual and then firmly insists that she stop touching him. Vinciane replies, “Otherwise what ? Are you going to hit me like the good old days? Wasn’t that enough for you with Clémentine? You hit her, I’m sure. Is that why she disappeared, she left?“. And to clarify,” JI know what you are capable of.“.

If everything leads to believe that Sacha has indeed committed the unthinkable, he is in any case not ready to be caught by the police and could in any case cloud the tracks in the next episodes of the series. To believe the synopses unveiled by TF1, the sports coach will “participate in research in its own way. If the inhabitants of Sète are receptive, doubts still hover. “. As for Ben (Antoine Cohaut) and Solenne (Artémisia Toussaint), who have lost all confidence in their father, may well be forced to live in Frontignan and cohabit with Juliette, Océane (Elisa Nître) and Gaspard (Mohamed Bechiev).

While the truth is more than ever on the verge of breaking out, it will still be necessary to arm ourselves with patience before knowing the end of this whole story.

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