Tomorrow belongs to us: who kidnapped Roxane and Judith?

Tomorrow belongs to us: who kidnapped Roxane and Judith?

It has been several days since Roxane and Judith were kidnapped by a mysterious stranger in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. But who is it? Here is the answer.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

After Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff), now Judith (Alice Varela) has also been kidnapped in Tomorrow belongs to us. While Victoire (Solène Hebert) seeks to elucidate the mystery hidden in her drawings, Noa (Tristan Jerram) is quickly suspected of being linked to these disappearances as well as that of Emilie Chaptale.
Tomorrow belongs to us

Tomorrow belongs to us

Even if he denies any involvement, the grandson Josse will still be placed in police custody in the episode broadcast tonight on TF1. This will not please Yvan (Norbert Haberlick), his grandfather and Jeanne’s former lover (Catherine Allegret), who will then accuse the Bellanger-Delcourt family of having wanted revenge.

Indeed, the Josse and Bellanger families having been at war for years, the oyster farmer imagines that Jeanne and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) have set a trap for his grandson. Very angry, he swears he hasn’t said his last word.

When the race against time is on to save the two young women, who could have kidnapped Roxane and Judith?

In a new unpublished extract unveiled in preview on MYTF1, the kidnapper finally reveals his identity. And it is none other than Yvan Josse.

Furious, the latter enters the room where he holds Judith and threatens her with a gun, determined to finish her off. ” Please don’t hurt me. You can’t do this, Noa will never forgive you », Says Judith with terror.

Unfortunately, Yvan does not want to hear anything and retorts with fury ” Get up. Hurry up“.

Judith then gets up and takes refuge in a corner of the cell. When Yvan approaches with his weapon, Roxane, who is in the cell next door, knocks against the wall, screaming several times ” please “.


Since having a heart transplant, Victoire has been plagued by visions of her donor Émilie Chaptale, a young woman who died trying to flee the man who had held her for years.

With the help of Sara (Camille Genau) and Roxane, Georges’ ex-companion, therefore, decided to investigate to understand what really happened around this strange disappearance. And it was when the trio was getting dangerously close to the truth that Roxane was kidnapped.

Over the course of the episodes, we have seen a disturbing resemblance between Émilie and Roxane but also with a woman that we see in various photos plastered in Yvan’s living room.

As some pictures represent a couple and Yvan has fun dressing and making up Roxane in the image of the woman we see, we can legitimately wonder if he would not have lost his love of youth. As for understanding the reasons which push him to kidnap young women who resemble him, it will still be necessary to be patient.

As far as Judith is concerned, revenge against the Bellanger family is the most obvious motive, especially since her grandson was put behind bars. But according to the official synopsis unveiled by the channel, it is Noa who could help the police to arrest her grandfather.

Indeed, the young man will do ” a capital discovery “And will be” ready to do anything to confuse the criminal who terrorizes Sète », Even if it means putting oneself in danger.

There are now only a few days left before the outcome of this dramatic arch which could well reserve some surprises.

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