Tomorrow belongs to us: who is the shooter who attacks Victoire and Samuel? Our…

While the summer plot of “Tomorrow belongs to us” centered on the stud farm continues to surprise us, a question arises: who is the person who seems to have targeted Victoire? Discover our theory on the identity of the shooter.

Who is the mysterious shooter who seems to have targeted Samuel (Axel Kiener) and Victory (Solene Hebert) in the summer plot of tomorrow belongs to us ?

This is the question that all fans of the daily TF1 soap opera have been asking for several weeks now. And while the list of suspects continues to grow over the revelations and false leads, ranging from Paul Camus to Cédric Diallo, via Benjamin (Alexander Varga), our intuition makes us say that the end of this story will be much more surprising and… unexpected!

By making the connection between the anonymous call received by Cédric and the phone call that had precipitated Anne-Marie’s return (Veronique Jannot) in Sète at the beginning of the summer, Georges and Martin will understand in the next episodes that they were certainly on the wrong track from the start and that it was not Samuel who was targeted by the sniper, but rather Victoire. Hence the attacks that targeted Anne-Marie, Soraya, or even Chardeau.

After all, it is certainly no coincidence that this new summer ark of Tomorrow belongs to us, entitled “The Wounds of the Past”, precisely began with this strange call during which a stranger had assured Anne-Marie that Victoire was in danger.

But then, who can blame Victoire Lazzari so much? And why ? If we start from the principle that Benjamin is innocent – Victoire has already doubted him in the past and the authors seem determined to highlight the beautiful friendship that unites the two doctors despite their break – a single culprit seems plausible to us. : Nicolas Barraud (Carl Vervier), the new nurse at Saint-Clair Hospital.

Introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us last May, when Victoire had used him a little to make Samuel jealous, Nicolas returned to the heart of the plot this summer and was entitled to more and more sequences. For the most part in connection with Anne-Marie, whom he took care of during his successive hospitalizations.

Quickly, several scenes during which he tried to comfort Victoire made it appear that Nicolas seemed too nice to be honest.

And we can’t help but think that his growing screen presence is necessarily a sign that he has a role to play in the ongoing plot. And in its resolution. And that the reason for his revenge cannot simply be that he is trying to make Doctor Lazzari pay for playing with him to arouse Chardeau’s jealousy several months ago.

Is Nicolas related to Victoire by blood?

Since the launch of Tomorrow belongs to us in 2017, each of the summer intrigues has revealed a secret from the past, even a family secret (the influence that Rose fell victim to, the relationship between Sandrine and Victoire, the existence of the hidden daughter of Christelle, or of William’s twin).

We can therefore easily hypothesize that Nicolas is secretly from the family of one of the main protagonists. And that he seeks revenge for a past crime or injury.

Of course, one could have thought that he was the son of Paul Camus, whom the latter would have secretly given birth to when he was still Diane. And that Nicolas, in league with Paul, would seek to recover the inheritance he thinks is due to him – the stud farm – and to make Renaud and his relatives suffer for a past crime.

But given that it now appears that Victoire is the target of the sniper and that the stud farm was only a false lead, or a welcome coincidence that Nicolas used to ward off suspicion, it is rather believed that Nicolas Barraud is part of it. of the Lazzari family and that he aims to take revenge on Anne-Marie and her granddaughter.

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is the shooter who attacks victoire and samuel? Our...

Could the nurse at Saint-Clair hospital be Victoire’s twin brother or cousin? After all, in a soap like Tomorrow belongs to us, where all the revelations are possible, even the craziest, it would not be improbable that we discover that Sandrine had twins (and that Anne-Marie made a of the two babies). Or that Anne-Marie or Sandrine’s father had another illegitimate child a long time ago who himself gave birth to Nicolas. Back today to get revenge for being rejected and forgotten.

When we know that Victoire will find herself “confronted with her past” in the next episodes and that a revelation will turn his life upside down during the week of August 22 to 26, we would really like the writers to have once again done the trick of the hidden twin brother.

But TF1 having recently revealed that the actress Naima Rodric was going to join Tomorrow belongs to us in the role of Lisathe “little cousin of Victoire”, it would be more likely that the series will go to dig into the family tree of Lazzari and soon reveal cousins ​​and unexpected family ties.

But obviously, to be sure, it will be necessary to follow with interest the continuation of the daily soap opera on TF1 and on Salto. With, for sure, surprises that may well turn the lives of several characters upside down.

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