Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Thaïs Kirby (Irène), the interpreter of the CPE of Agnès Varda high school?

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is thaïs kirby (irène), the interpreter of the cpe of agnès varda high school?

“Tomorrow belongs to us” welcomes this evening Irène Lopez Diallo, the CPE of the new high school Agnès Varda interpreted by the actress Thaïs Kirby.

With the event launch of its fifth season, Tomorrow belongs to us began another chapter in its history marked by a new credits, a new visual identity and new characters.

While Emmanuel Moire, Mayeul Durand, Xavier Deluc, Jennifer Lauret, Alexandre Varga and Victoria Abril should soon appear in TF1’s successful daily soap opera, another face will complete this casting tonight.

A few days after Charlotte Gaccio’s arrival, it is therefore Thaïs Kirby’s turn to join the Sétois soap opera in the guise of Irene Lopez Diallo, the CPE of Agnès Varda high school. But she should not land alone since according to the official synopsis, Nastasia Caruge and Louise Marion will accompany her from next week to play Jahia and Angie Lopez Diallo, two members of Irene’s family.

The introduction of these characters will also be the opportunity to discover a whole new setting that will certainly be the scene of many teenage intrigues to come.

Indeed, following an asbestos problem at Paul Valéry high school, students and teachers will now work in this brand new high school run by Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin). A task that promises to be eventful for the Delcourt girl, especially as her first days as a principal will be marked by tensions with Irene who also coveted this position.

But who is Thaïs Kirby, the latest recruit in the series who promises to make Chloe see all the colors?

Known in particular for having played Ginger in the series for teenagers Coeur Océan, Thaïs Kirby then made multiple appearances on the small screen in Mes Amis, Mes amours, Mes emmerdes, Le Bureau des Légendes and more recently in the comedy Ramdam where she holds the ‘one of the main roles.

On the cinema side, the actress was seen in Cyprien by David Charhon and also played Lola in Le Baltringue by Cyril Sebas.

In the summer of 2021, she is embarking on a new professional adventure. Appearing in the credits of the series, Thaïs Kirby should be one of the essential figures of Tomorrow belongs to us.

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