Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Renaud Leymans, the interpreter of Louise's stalker?  - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Renaud Leymans, the interpreter of Louise’s stalker? – News Series on TV

Jennifer radier
Jennifer radier

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Tonight, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us will meet Mickaël Brunon, a new character played by Renaud Leymans whose face is perhaps not unknown to you.

While the investigation into the disappearance of Clémentine (Linda Hardy) follows its course in Tomorrow belongs to us, the arrival of a new character, Mickaël Brunon (Renaud Leymans), will cause much concern to Louise (Alexandra Naoum) at the over the next few episodes.

From this evening on TF1, Louise will cross paths with Mickaël, a new customer who has come to have lunch at Little Spoon who does not seem immune to the charm of the waitress. Even if their exchange will stop at a simple order taking, the young mother will be surprised to meet him again a few hours later at the Spoon. While she is having a drink in the company of Flore (Anne Caillon), Mickaël will seek to be embedded at their table before being sent on the roses by Bart’s mother. At this moment, Louise is far from imagining that this man will follow her home and photograph her without her knowing it.

Is Louise dealing with a stalker? What is certain is that Mickaël will be particularly insistent and that his arrival marks the beginning of a great intrigue around the Kersal family.

If the face of Renaud Leymans is familiar to you, it is because the interpreter of Mickaël Brunon has already distinguished himself in many television dramas since the early 2000s.

Renaud Leymans cut his teeth on the small screen and chained the roles on television before playing one of the main characters of the series No secrets between us broadcast on M6 in 2008. With this experience, the actor multiplies the appearances in the series Plus belle la vie, Joséphine, guardian angel, Commissioner Magellan or even Camping Paradis to name a few. In 2017, he obtained the recurring role of gendarme Eric Vernet in Tandem where he played the answer to Astrid Veillon. Subsequently, we will be able to see the actor in the series Cassandre, Crimes parfaits, Caïn and La Stagiaire.

Today, Renaud Leymans is embarking on a whole new television adventure by joining the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us for the time of an intrigue around the Kersal family. In the guise of Mickaël Brunon, he promises to make Louise see all the colors in the episodes to come.

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