Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Charlotte Gaccio, the interpreter of Audrey Roussel? – News Series

From this evening, Tomorrow belongs to us welcomes Audrey Roussel, a single mother who settles in Sète with her four children. Find out who Charlotte Gaccio is, her interpreter.

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is charlotte gaccio, the interpreter of audrey roussel? - news series

On August 16, Tomorrow belongs to us entered its fifth season. The opportunity for the successful daily TF1 to make a transition with in particular the arrival of new actors. While Xavier Deluc, Jennifer Lauret, Emmanuel Moire, Alexandre Varga and Victoria Abril are expected in the coming weeks, Charlotte Gaccio will be the first of this long list to land in the series.

From this evening, the faithful of the program will therefore meet Audrey Roussel, a single mother of four children with the distinction of being born to three different fathers. The family, which has just left Seine-Saint-Denis, moved to Sète to start a new chapter.

But things do not go as planned for Audrey since the salon that had recruited her has gone out of business and the apartment she found does not exist.

And it was Charlotte Gaccio who was chosen to play this character with a strong personality. Daughter of the author Bruno Gaccio and the actress and humorist Michèle Bernier, Charlotte Gaccio has illustrated herself in many French fictions such as Interventions, where she gives the answer to Anthony Delon, but also Munch or even Scenes of Households.

The 33-year-old actress is also known to lend her features to the librarian professor Aurélie Schneck in the Sam series. On the cinema side, Charlotte Gaccio starred in Poisonous and will be starring in Mince So 2: The relapse, a film by Charlotte De Turckheim.

If she is known as an actress, Charlotte Gaccio has other arrows to her bow since she is also a model and a singer.

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is charlotte gaccio, the interpreter of audrey roussel? - news series

Screenshot / TF1

To set foot on Sète, Charlotte Gaccio will also be accompanied by her four fictional children.

Thus, the twins Jack and Lizzie will be played by Dimitri Fouque and Juliette Mabilat, seen in Mixte and Askip. As for Jordan, the eldest of the tribe, he will be camped by Maxime Lelue, a young actor who we could see in Pour Sarah or Tandem. Finally, Leo, the youngest of the siblings, will be played by Paco Blanco.

In any case, the arrival of the Roussel family under the Mediterranean sun will not go unnoticed and promises to bring with it an air of renewal in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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