Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Alexandra Naoum, alias Louise, the new waitress of Little Spoon? – News Series

Alexandra Naoum arrives this evening in “Tomorrow belongs to us” in the role of Louise, the new waitress of Little Spoon who comes to lend a hand to Bart. Portrait of this actress whose face is perhaps not completely foreign to you.

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is alexandra naoum, alias louise, the new waitress of little spoon? - news series
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Since its launch in July 2017, the distribution of Demain Belongs to Us has continued to expand. After the remarkable arrival of Catherine Benguigui, it’s Alexandra Naoum’s turn to join the successful TF1 series in the role of Louise, the new waitress of Little Spoon. The young woman will come to the aid of Bart who does not know where to turn with his food truck at this end of the year period. But who is Alexandra Naoum and have you ever seen her in a movie or a series?

After training at the Studio Théâtre d’Asnières, Alexandra Naoum made her debut as an actress on television by multiplying appearances in series such as Diane, femme cop or even Une femme d’honneur in which she hones her talents. In 2007, her career took a new turn when she landed one of the main roles in the musical series Nos ans pension, broadcast on France 2, alongside Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux and Joséphine Jobert.

Two years later, Alexandra Naoum joins the cast of Paris 16th on M6 and lends her features to Lorène Maréchal, a young orphan in search of her father who comes up against the golden youth of Paris. A daily soap opera which will unfortunately be stopped for lack of audience after 80 episodes and less than three months on the air. Despite this, strong of these experiences, the young woman continues the appearances on the small screen. Thus we will see her in Alice Nevers, the judge is a woman, Household scenes, Cherif and more recently in The Romanoffs, the series of Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men.

Tomorrow belongs to us: who is alexandra naoum, alias louise, the new waitress of little spoon? - news series

Calt / M6

On the cinema side, Alexandra Naoum landed the role of Claire in Sophie Mathisen’s independent film, Drama, in 2015. Then in 2018 she won the first female role in Harry Roselmack’s social drama, Fractures, which won the special mention of the jury at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York. But that’s not all because her desire to tell stories pushes her to engage in directing as well as writing. No Comment, his first short film, will then be selected in competition at around thirty festivals around the world. It is while working on a series of portraits of committed women that the actress then imagines her second short film, L’Amazone. She reiterates the experience in 2020 with Lavender, a short which talks about the meeting between two teenagers who are opposed to everything.

Today, Alexandra Naoum is embarking on a new television adventure by joining the cast of Demain Nous Belongs where she will give the answer to Hector Langevin. Her character should settle in a lasting way in the soap opera since Louise Kersal will be part of a new family which will be formed around Bart, according to recent statements by producer Vincent Meslet.

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