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While her mysterious past catches up with her, Louise is about to make revelations about the secret she has been hiding for many years from this evening in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

It’s been several days since Louise (Alexandra Naoum) suddenly fled with her children in Tomorrow belongs to us. And if the mother of the family did not hesitate for a moment to leave the life she had recently built with Bart (Hector Langevin), it is to flee Gary (Frederik Hamel), the father of her children.

Why is Louise so trying to escape her husband? While her mysterious past inexorably catches up with her, Louise is preparing to make revelations about the secret she has been hiding for years and which could turn the lives of Mathilde (Maria Bernal) and Aurélien (Christophe Bedes) upside down forever.

From this evening on TF1, Bart, Aurélien and Mathilde will learn the truth.

After falling head over heels in love, Louise and Gary Lanon got married in 2003 and their love then gave birth to Aurélien and Mathilde. If for love, Gary had managed to stop drugs, he unfortunately did not wait long after the birth of his daughter to give in to his old demons and start drug dealing to pay for his consumption.

The start of the descent into hell for Louise when Gary started to be violent. Although he never raised a hand on her, the young father could still knock on the walls until blood. But that’s not all and the worst was yet to come. Indeed, everything changed the day Louise discovered Mathilde playing with a syringe lying around in the apartment. To protect her children but also to make the man she loved react to her, she decided to leave him.

However, nothing helped. Gary was arrested a few months later for drug trafficking and assault before being sentenced to seven years in prison. Louise took the opportunity to disappear with her children without ever getting a divorce so as not to have to deal with him anymore.

So what may be the future of Louise and her children now that Gary has found their trail? Having never obtained sole custody of her children by legal means, Louise is determined to embark for Guadeloupe. This is without counting on Gary’s determination not to let it go, even if it means filing a complaint for kidnapping.

To believe the synopsis revealed by TF1, Louise is not at the end of her surprises and will have to “assume the consequences of their actions towards their children“. Curious, Aurélien and Mathilde go” tenter into bonds that they have never known before “. A difficult ordeal for Louise who will feel “excluded from this new life“While one might fear that she is entering an open war with her ex, the story still seems to take a positive turn for everyone since they could.”find common ground“.

What impact will this new agreement have on this family appreciated by fans of the daily soap opera? If we already know that Aurélien will go to Greece with his father this summer to get to know him, only time will tell us more about the dynamics that this situation will give rise to.

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