Tomorrow belongs to us: what future for Xavier after his breakup with Chloe?

Unable to forgive Chloe’s betrayal, Xavier Meffre (Charles Lelaure) put an end to their relationship in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. But is this really the end of their story? And what do the next episodes hold for the Sète prosecutor?

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Back in Sète for a few weeks, Xavier Meffre (Charles Lelaure), the new prosecutor of Tomorrow belongs to us, quickly reconnected with Chloé Delcourt (Ingrid Chauvin), with whom he was secretly in love when they were teenagers, when he was yet at that time in a relationship with Flore (Anne Caillon). But Xavier’s job and the investigation into the death of Félix Danielli did not take long to complicate things between the two lovebirds since Chloe went so far as to lie to him on several occasions to protect Martin (Franck Monsigny). A betrayal that the young prosecutor could not digest and which led to their rupture at the end of the episode broadcast this Friday on TF1. But has their story really come to an end? Or is a backfire still possible?

Asked by Leisure TV, Charles Lelaure remains very mysterious about the future of the couple: “Chloe’s betrayal is a difficult step. It will allow everyone to question themselves and bring to light old passions”. But what is certain is that, whether he manages to forgive Chloe or not, Xavier will continue to be a part of the upcoming plots of Tomorrow is ours. As a prosecutor of course (after all, almost every ark brings its share of investigations), but also on a more personal level. The character played by Charles Lelaure will indeed very soon cross paths with another childhood friend, Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini), and their reunion will probably lead to a rather tasty misunderstanding since Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) will put himself in the lead that Sandrine and Xavier are having an affair.

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At the same time, Chloe, who seems determined to change her life, will discover “Xavier’s hidden talent” according to the synopses of the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled by TF1. And will ask him to participate in his “new project”. As she has already mentioned on several occasions, will Judith’s mother, Maxime, and Céleste finally change course by quitting her teaching profession to embark on a new professional project? The future will tell. In any case, everything leads to believe that the budding love story between Chloe and Xavier is not completely over since the synopsis of the March 12 episode reveals that “Chloe is about to put an end to Xavier for good, but the latter did not say his last word “. It remains to be seen what he will implement to win it back.

Charles Lelaure therefore seems to be on track to permanently join the cast of actors of Tomorrow belongs to us, even if he does not confirm, for the moment, the potentially recurring aspect of his character and is content to ensure that he would love to see Xavier settle permanently in Sète: “It would be a pleasure. There are a lot of things to play and you can explore a lot of things with this character, on his two sides, the humor and the professional”. But a clue already suggests that Xavier is not about to leave Sète since his daughters, aged 14 and 16, will soon be introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us, thus allowing the authors of the series to form a new family around him. After the recent arrival of Louise (Alexandra Naoum) and her children Aurélien and Mathilde. “Yes, his daughters are expected to join him in Sète”, reveals Charles Lelaure to Télé Loisirs. Two new teenagers who should make their first appearance on the screen in the coming weeks since, according to our information, the two young actresses who will lend them their features have already been chosen by the production.

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